Rosilea's and Patty's Route 66 adventure 2016 travel blog

Meteor Crater

Sign outside of the Museum Club

The Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Road Kill Cafe in Seligman, Arizona

Our day started with a stop at the Meteor Crater just outside of Winslow. That is one BIG hole. They have a very nice museum and theater that helps the guests to the site understand what happened many years ago to form the crater. They also have maps showing the locations of known meteor crashes around the globe. We learned that early astronauts were trained and lunar exploration equipment was tested inside the crater, as the crater resembles craters found on the moon.

We then headed to Flagstaff where we visited The Museum Club (a night club on Route 66). It has the distinction of being the largest "log cabin" in the Southwest.

On to Williams and another quilt store on route 66. We agreed that we should have planned to spend more time in Williams. It looked like a really interesting town and you can catch a train to the Grand Canyon in Williams. Lots to see here, but we had to move on. We stopped in Seligman and had lunch/dinner at the "Road Kill Cafe" where the slogan is "you kill it, we grill it." A great place to stop for lunch! They have a very creative menu. We later learned that Seligman is (more or less) the birthplace of the rebirth of Route 66. A barber there started the effort to make Route 66 a historical landmark and to encourage tourism along the route. Our next stop Peach Springs, about 1 mile from the Grand Canyon Caverns.

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