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25th October – Talbingo and the Snowy Mountains.

We arrived here yesterday after a drive along the Hume and a stop in Tumut for groceries and lunch; we just had a burger and went to a park to eat it, promptly surrounded by honking geese that seemed to know that food came from caravans…

By 2:00pm we had settled onto our site and ready for action.

Well the action was full on today. The guy running the van park suggested a drive up to see the falls so after lunch we set out.

It was a single lane rugged mountain road, lots of ruts and free shales to skid around on but told it was “ok” for 2wd vehicles unless it had been raining. Spectacular vistas though if you were game enough to look….

The last 3 km needed 4wd as it was boggy clay with lots of slippery washaways to the falls car park, then another km to the viewing point. You could go further but the track had fallen away and we decided not to bother. I used 4x4 on the downhill return just to give me better control, I didn’t do much of the driving, and I just hang onto the steering wheel and followed the little grapefruits directions…

There was plenty of water going over the falls though and what we saw it was quite spectacular… Actually the falls are a series of very serious cascades….

Then it was back down the mountain to rest after the energetic nature ramble to see the falls.

We went to the Country Club for dinner. It’s Chinese and very very nice food though not open Mondays…

On to Eden tomorrow…

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