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Thurs Sept 15

Slept in, still recovering from the huge halibut hoorah from yesterday.

Also, the moon was out last night, almost full. Just looked fantastic, big and orange coming up over the bay with the light reflection on the water. Of course, that meant a trip to a couple of lookouts to try to photograph it and before you realise, it's only midnight and we should probably get some sleep after the big day out.

Found another internet place that was open later and was half price thursday. Gotta be happy with that. Spent a couple of hours there trying to get some photos on the site for you all, which, you should have seen by now.

Was after 8pm before we found ourselves in a tiny pub called the Salty Dawg - very bizarre. There must be thousands of dollars attached to all the walls and ceiling! Everyone must just leave a message on a dollar bill and stick it to the wall. There were also t-shirts and bras hanging about as well? Certainly gave it an atmosphere.

That's about all for that day.

Fri Sept 16

Booked another night in Homer. Decided to spend more time at the internet place uploading photos while we had the opportunity. Four hours later we managed to get out of there.

At least I got plenty of postcards written, so you should be getting them in the mail, I don't know when. Stopped off at the Wildlife Refuge Visitor Ctr after that. Quite impressive. We've found that with a lot of these ctrs esp the national park ones, they have so much information and brilliant displays. Anyway, was a productive day, not very exciting for you guys, reading this. At least we've been able to chill out and relax, like you're suppose to on holidays. NO PHOTOS TAKEN TODAY - that would have to be a first. It's been raining all day. We are definately leaving Homer tomorrow, to start the journey back to Anchorage, where we have to return the hire car by the 20th.

Sat Sept 17

Driving day, what a shock to the system. Back tracking up the Sterling Hwy on our way to Girdwood, where we hope to catch-up with Craig (the guy from the train trip to Seward). The weather today - cloudy, cold and rainy. Not great for photos. I got to play with some cats in Ninilchik. They were two huge ginger puddies! Gorgeous! Edi has that on video - that's something you all really want to see? Edi wanted to try his hand at some salmon fishing in the Russian River, but apparently the reds aren't that great now, for eating because they're spawning. Also, it takes hours to catch anything and he doesn't have the proper gear for it 'cos you have to stand in the water. There are so many regulations with fishing in this state. It's very confusing. They section off the rivers, so you can only fish in a particular section at certain times and they impose different bag limits also. Same thing with hunting. But, I suppose they have to do it because of the number of tourists that come here just for fishing and hunting.

So, eventually, we made it to Girdwood and quite early for a change. Settled into a B&B this time. We can still cook meals if we want but they have breakfast thrown in. Bargain! We managed to contact Craig and should be visiting him and his family, tomorrow.

This afternoon, we got excited about viewing the Bore Tide. Everywhere you go there's this big propaganda thing about 'Hear the Bore Roar'! NOT! The tide comes in very fast through Turnagain Arm and supposedly, it's so fast that a wave comes rushing in ahead of the water surge. I think the wave was maybe 2ft, if that. Lots of people were there and most, like us, were disappointed. But if you think about it, you begin to realise how dangerous it would be to be out there with the speed that the water does roll in. You can actually follow it all the way up the arm. There are lots of viewing places. So, whilst it wasn't what we expected, at least we got to see it.

Lashed out tonight for dinner. We went OUT! The place was a rockin' little joint called Chair 5. Had this jumbo pizza and it was delicious! Cheap too, for the size and quality. Definately better than pizza hut. Met some of the locals and had a few laughs.

Sunday 18th Sept

Had a huge brekky and headed to the tramcar that goes to the top of Mt Alyeska. Fantastic! Couldn't believe the views once the sun got going and burnt off the clouds.

You can climb a bit higher when you get up there, so, we did. Absolutely stuffed afterwards, but is was worth it. They even parasail off the mountain and in winter, there are about 70 ski trails but you would have to know what you're doing on a lot of them. Most seem quite steep. Would be great to see all that snow.

Barbeque dinner with Craig and Mary, great people. We had some of our halibut on the barbie which was an "Aussie" brand. Met some other people as well and spent a bit of time beside the fire, outside. Edi was in his element, 'cos it was a real fire, with real wood! Great night. It was after midnight when we left. Had a ball!

Monday 19th Sept

Bit weary this morning. Met Craig, Mary and Cindy for coffee earlier. We're now at the laundromat doing some washing and whilst waiting, we have been able to update the last few days, because they have the internet here as well. Also, you can have a shower and get your pet washed! What a great little place. When we're finished here, we'll be going for a drive up to an old mine and look around a couple of shops etc. Also, going to be catching up with Craig and Mary one last time before we leave tomorrow. Have to get the car back to Anchorage. From there, we hop on a plane to Juneau (the capital of Alaska). That will be the start of the trek down the inside passage.

So, we're caught up again. Stay tuned for more....boredom.

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