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White Pelicans utilizing the Mississippi River

McGregor, Iowa is typical of the riverfront towns along the Mississippi

Mississippi is quite wide here

View from Pikes Peak State Park Overlook

Someone looks like a tourist!

Quite a view

Nice trails in the park

Anemic-looking Bridal Veil Falls

Supposedly these are effigy mounds

We are finally back in farm country again - looks a lot...

Dubuque,IA We continued along the Mississippi River’s edge as we traveled on. The Mississippi is almost 12’ above normal so we saw lots of trees standing in water. We were also able to see some of the white pelicans that pass through this area. This is a corridor in their migration and about 3,000 pass through the Upper Mississippi River area. Pelicans have a wing span of 8’ – 9’ so it is cool to see them fly. We crossed over the bridge from Wisconsin to Iowa and headed for Pikes Peak State Park. This park features a 500-foot bluff overlooking the Upper Mississippi River opposite the confluence of the Wisconsin River. It is a very popular park for the view but it also has some really nice trails. One of the trails goes to a very anemic waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls. Every state has at least one falls named Bridal Veil and some have more. Along the trail are some effigy mounds. American Indian culture developed over 1,000 years ago placed thousands of earthen mounds across the landscape of what today includes parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. In some cases these mounds are in the shape of animals. In others, they are simply mounds. We have no idea how someone can tell whether a small rise is an effigy mound or a natural rise of ground. We could be seeing millions of effigy mounds for all we know.

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