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Laurieton after southerly change

Laurieton after a southerly change

Laurieton after a southerly change

Laurieton after a southerly change

Laurieton after a southerly change

Laurieton after a southerly change

Laurieton after a southerly change

Coming into Pt Stephens heads at dusk

Coming into Pt Stephens heads

Sea plane landing next to our anchorage

Last early morning start at Barrenjoey light house

We stayed in Laurieton for 10 days waiting for the right wind and wave conditions to continue to head south. It was a long time waiting, however Laurieton is a pretty place full of friendly people so our stay was conducive. We also found 2 excellent places for coffee and scones. The list of such cafes is growing. I have attached a series of photos taken from our boat moored in the middle of the river after a brisk southerly change. The clouds colour and formation were beautiful to observe.

Once the surf and wave conditions calmed (those that battered the Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi) we managed to leave Laurieton and headed for Port Stephens before the next southerly change, arriving with about 30 minutes of usable daylight to manoeuvre between the many moored and anchored boats in Shoal Bay where we found a suitable mooring. As has been our pattern, we needed to stay a couple of nights in Port Stephens waiting for the winds to change before continuing. Our voyage in NSW seemed to consist of one day with strong heavily northerly winds followed by the next being strong southerly. There were few windows of reasonable length for us to travel south safely.

With another early start of 6 am, we were able to leave Port Stephens for Pittwater, anchoring up just below Barrenjoey light house at Palm Beach. Being so close to Sydney (I could always get home on public transport now), I was feeling excited. The end is near!

As strong winds were forecast for the following afternoon and we did not much want to spend several days waiting it out in Pittwater, we left the next morning early again. We were back in Botany Bay just after lunch time and about 2 hours before the forecasted strong winds.

It is great to be back on Terra Firma and sleeping in my own bed. Since our return a few people have asked if Jim and I are still speaking. Really we did not have any arguments while away. I guess it is because we were so dependent upon each other knowing that it had to work, that we were always on our best behaviour. As for doing it again, I think we may stay on land for quite awhile.

Fun Facts:

Days away: 156, (5 months)

Days actually travelling:70

Distance travelled: approx 2,500 NM (4,575 kms)

Extra grey hairs: Lots from all the stress

Weight lost: 2 kgs from all the fish?

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