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What a great name!

Another wonderful name

Our scenery


Shoreline at Cave Cove County Park

Wind and waves cut caves into the rock

The water is crystal clear

Kayakers like to explore the caves when the waves permit

Wonderful blue sky for a great background

Great color

Great trail

So peaceful and pretty

It was an easy hike

Nature at its best

Dipping candles

Jim's result

Oshkosh, WI Although most could traverse the 131 miles between Sister Bay and Oshkosh in 2 hours, we required 7 to complete the task. We made a few stops and took a few side trips. Cave Cove County Park overlooks the waters of Lake Michigan. The wind and waves from the lake have worn away limestone cliffs to create underwater caves. On stormy days, the sound of waves crashing into the cliffs is thunderous, and the spray can shoot up to 20’ in the air. We admired the coastline and then turned our attention to some trails. It had been some time since we had done any hiking so we indulged ourselves on a nice little trek. In the village of Carlsville, we found Candleworks. Here one is allowed to have a go at hand-dipping a candle! We both tried our hand at designing a candle. Jim went for red, white and black to honor the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Unfortunately it is difficult to make a black colored wax, so his candle appears to be red, white and blue – also a good combination. And did you know that there are basically 3 different types of wax: paraffin, soy and beeswax. Beeswax is the most expensive and is the hardest to work with. It is not a consistent wax since wax collected from each hive is different based on what flowers the bees visited. Forestville, WI is home to Country Ovens Cherry De-Lite where they make dried cherries. Door County is quite famous for its cherries. We learned it takes 8 lbs of ripe cherries to make a pound of dry cherries. A cherry pie needs 250 cherries and a typical tree can produce enough cherries for 28 pies. Most trees live about 25 years but can live as long as 50. Naturally, after all the educational information, we felt obligated to make a purchase. We know the value of having fruit every day so we bought some chocolate covered cherries. Chocolate has value too!

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