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Impressive blue sky

Ready to Segway

That's us!


Lake Michigan

We had a great day for playing with the Segways

Exploring on our Segways was great


Cherry Pit Spit - Men's record 48.1'; Women's 38.3'

We sampled about 15 different wines

Vines and barn make a lovely picture

Ready to be made into wine

Great use of gourds

Sister Bay, WI We had an absolutely gorgeous day today with incredible blue skies, mild wind, warm temperatures, and trees starting to turn color (apparently about 2 weeks later than normal). To appreciate such a marvelous day, we spent our time exploring on a Segway and drinking wine, not at the same time, of course. There were 8 of us on the Segway tour that was supposed to last 2 hours but ran to 2 ½ instead. The regulator had been taken off so we could go fast and we had a ball zig-zagging around and going up and down steep hills. The fact that the scenery was gorgeous was a bonus. We learned that when the area was first settled the land was covered with giant white pine. Through logging, the entire peninsula was denuded of trees. Once the loggers moved on, deciduous trees began to grow - maples, basswood, and ironwood. White pines cannot grow in sunny areas, so while the hardwoods flourished, the white pine slowly began growing in the shade of the deciduous trees. Now deciduous trees cover most of the land but the white pine are beginning to close the gap. In a hundred years, white pine will once again cover the land. We rounded out the day by going to a winery where we enjoyed cherry pie, cherry strudel, cherry oatmeal cookies and lots of wine – with cherry flavors, of course. They put cherries in everything possible, and with good reason. At one time, 95% of the nation’s cherries came from Door County.

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