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Ibis Styles Ao Nang - small room but note the bananas and...

Rest assured - he is feeling better now!

One of the best hole-in-the-wall eateries being slowly squeezed out unfortunately

Don't quite know why you would actually want to wash your legs...

Mostly Burmese workers (16 on this ute!) building yet more hotels, Ao...

3 Days in KL – great plodding all over the city making use of the fantastic public transport system. Ridiculous as it seems, we pride ourselves on never having to catch a cab……no, that’s wrong – we caught one to the airport due to impending flu but Peter did bargain!

Flew to Krabi and on to Ao Nang. Again staying at Ibis Styles with the staff all greeting us like family….I know it’s good business and all that but the hugs, smiles and handshakes are heart-warming. I think the Thais are particularly good at this! Escorted to our room by the Assistant Manager to find a large dish of bananas (‘cos Peter mentioned once 2 years ago that he liked them) and a gift of an oil burner, candles and fragrant oil for me………wow!

After 2 days Peter’s flu symptoms increased with us having to go to a local Medical Clinic as he thought he was having an asthma attack. Hasn’t had one since he was 20 but we did start to panic a bit. 2 ½ Hours later, $229 lighter we left with Peter having 3 lots of Ventolin through an oxygen mask, a blood test, an intravenous injection and 4 lots of tablets. There was a slight touch of Disney-world about the place, particularly as the staff all wore dark blue shirts with DOCTOR or NURSE embroidered on the chest and back in large white letters – just to reassure the patients I imagine! The ambulance drivers lounging on the front steps smoking with STAFF on their chests just cemented the professional impression. Anyway, he’s feeling somewhat better and the coughing fits are decreasing.

Now for the big news – the death of Thailand’s beloved King. Unless you’ve travelled here it’s hard to describe just how revered this man was, loved by everyone. Not wanting to go into the rather complicated politics of Thailand, needless to say it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens next. All of our Thai friends and acquaintances are, firstly, mourning and, secondly, rather apprehensive. Time will tell.

Have had 2 lovely weeks here, doing much the same – walking in the mornings then an hour’s massage and deciding where our sundowners will happen and where to eat. Walking about 20km a day which makes beer drinking at night guilt-free. Interesting to note the Russians have left and the main tourists are Chinese - always tell the Chinese 'cos they're the ones wearing bathing caps, full wrist to ankle swim wear, buoyancy vests, goggles and snorkels - and that's just in the pool! Sorry - somewhat generalising but almost true!

Flying to Chiang Mai on Tuesday for more poshness.

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