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Landed in Dubai

Duty Free shopping

The Doggy Bag arrived at the airport safe and sound

The runway into Sydney ... and we never thought we'd get there!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! It's official ... travelling is not much fun, and takes a long time!

The flight last night was reasonable. We had a spare seat in our row, so Mardi got to sit near the aisle, and we had room between us. It wasn't great, but it was OK.

Then we flew into Dubai airport and spent an exorbitant amount of time walking!!! Walking, walking and a bit more walking, until we found out that we had to be in a totally different terminal and had to travel there by bus. And once we arrived we spent some more time walking until we found Gate 23. We got to sit for a little while before the flight opened and we were able to board the plane.

NOT GOOD from here on though! The plane was actually a QANTAS plane and considerably smaller than we would have liked. The plane was also full so there was absolutely NO room to change seats, and we were stuck in the middle of the row of four seats. It was horrendous. The lady near me was lovely, but the man near Mardi was horrible!! He grumbled at having to move when we wanted to get out, and he took up all the seat and the arm of the chair so Mardi had little to no room (actually there was little to no room anyway, so less was worse than horrible!!).

We arrived in at Sydney after 14 hours of little sleep and couldn't have been happier to get off that plane and get away from those horrible there's-no-room seats!!

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