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Kicked off the boat and hanging around until the transfer arrived

At the airport with our icecream

And coffee

Today was our last morning on the boat ... and last night was our last good night's sleep we will have for days!!

Up early, final packing, breakfast, and then ... off the boat by 7.30am (coz that's what the cruise line wanted). That would have been OK if we hadn't have had to wait until 10am until our transfer arrived ... at a terminal without seats or a waiting room (well, not one that we were able to find until it was too late to actually sit down!!). So we stood around and sat on some roadwork signs chatting with and watching those around us. It was actually an interesting place to people watch.

The transfer man picked us up just after 10am and we drove the hour trip to the Leonardo da Vinci airport. Unfortunately our flight wasn't to leave until 10.05pm so we had a loooooooooooooooooong wait at the airport too, but at least they had shops (woo hoo, more shopping), and food, and seats!!

We tried to get an upgrade so that we could fly home Business Class, but it looked like every man and his dog were travelling to Australia today and we didn't have any chance of upgrading. What we did learn was that we couldn't take our alcohol through security, and the only way it was going to get to Australia was to travel in our luggage! So ... we had to rearrange our suitcases, putting in the alcohol, and taking out something else to travel in our backpacks. We found a table near a set of scales so we packed, unpacked, repacked and then weighed. We were under the number of kgs required, and the bottles of wine looked like they were safe enough to get to Australia.

Other than that little adventure we sat at a cafe - drinking coffee and eating sandwiches and icecream - for a very long time. We chatted with a man from Sales who was also waiting until his flight left about the same time as ours.

Mum also bought a Fitbit from the electronic shop near the cafe, and I bought an Italian magazine to take back to school so Italian students can read something authentically Italian.

We made it through check in and security with minimum fuss. Then we wandered through the airport until we found our gate and were ready to board. Flight 1 ready to go!!!

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