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The view we awoke to this morning ... water as far as...

Breakfast always had some great fruit shapes

We watched the chef make some of the animals

A cute owl

For a split second we passed between some islands ... the only...

Tonight's cocktail of the day

Our selfie outside the Theatre

We saw Burn the Floor ... it was great!!

Unfortunately we could only take photos at the very beginning

We LOVED our elephant

Well there is nothing around us as far as the eye can see. The horizon is a long, long way away and there are no other boats, or land, or anything much at all really. You can see little ripples of waves, tiny wave motions, but not much white water at all. The boat is as calm as anything!! It’s just like we are sliding on a very even surface, moving, but not realizing we are. Mardi just said it’s like running a hot knife through butter, that’s how smooth a sail we are having.

We awoke at 7.30 am (woo hoo), and then got ourselves ready, and headed off to breakfast. We dawdled there, watching the world go by. Then we went back to our stateroom to do a general tidy and organise our day.

This morning we headed to the Bliss Lounge for a lesson on photography – best use of our cameras and how to take a great photo. That was interesting. Then we went to the downstairs area and played Trivia with some lovely ladies from Utah – Billie and Carolyn. We scored 13½ out of 20. Not bad, but some of the questions were really specific to certain countries, and neither they, nor us, lived in those countries so we were at a disadvantage.

This afternoon we packed. We sorted out all the things we’ve bought, and all the things we brought with us and managed to make our suitcases carry it all. Actually we are a bit worried because everything fits a little too well for our liking. It’s like we’ve forgotten to pack something really large as there is quite a deal of space. I think we’ve actually spent time packing well, so it all fits perfectly.

This evening we went to the downstairs bar for our nightly drink. Mum had the cocktail of the day again – only we didn’t actually ask its name. It just tasted like a fruit juice with a small kick in it. It had mulberry, blueberry and raspberry in it. From there we headed to the Epic Theatre to watch Burn the Floor, a dance extravaganza, and boy, was it good. They were amazing, and they could dance!!!

Once that had finished we went upstairs to tea. It was a seafood night … right up my alley. We had prawns, and salmon, and fish, and I think I threw a few steamed vegetables in there for good luck. Yum!! We sat near a couple from Toronto and they were really lovely. We chatted for over an hour about all sorts of things. We think we’ve convinced them to visit Australia next year – fly into Cairns, then to the Gold Coast. They have two young boys aged 12 and 10. They want fun kid things to do.

We saw Curt as we came back to the cabin. We hadn’t seen him all day and thought he must have had a day off, but that was not the case. He had left us a towel elephant tonight!! How cute!! He only left us the penguin yesterday … no one else got one, but he knew we loved them and he left it especially for us. He is going to get a great tip at the end of this trip!! We really like him.

Off to bed now! Big, big, huge day tomorrow!!!!

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