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Welcome to Barcelona, Spain

Leaving the Port

The amazing architecture of the Cathedral

This is the most impressive of all churches we saw this trip

Inside ... just a little

Mardi lit another candle for the entire friend and family set

The most interesting, intricate unfinished church ever!!

What it should look like when it's finished

The park with the best view in town

The Olympic Stadium

A view of our ship from the lookout

Looking one way

And looking the other

Up early once again as we had to be on the tour by 7.30am. We got ourselves ready and breakfasted in time to make it to the Epic Theatre in time to get out of the terminal (and boy, oh boy, was that a feat in itself) and onto the coach. I am very impressed with Norwegian’s organisation. They have everything down to a tee. And we were pleased they did today as 4 500 people were getting of the boat, and another 4 500 were getting on!!!!

Our tour guide, Monserrat, was great. She was a bundle of energy and full of information. First port of call on our tour was the Cathedral, and what a beautiful building that was. We think it was the most beautiful of all the churches we have been through this past week. The architecture and colours were just unbelievable. We wandered around, got told off by a homeless person, lit another candle (albeit a fake one) and probably didn’t do justice to the building with all the photos we took.

From there it was a 20 minute walk back to the bus (we’d walked 20 minutes to get there in the first instance). Next stop, another church, only this time it was a church that wasn’t actually finished. It will be … in about ten more years. It was an ornate, intricately designed building, and very, very interesting. We were only able to view the outside of the building as there was no time for an inside tour. We had twenty minutes to buy some souvenirs, and then it was another ten minute walk back to the coach. We managed to lose two of the people in our party (no idea where they were but they weren’t with us when they needed to be) so we were a little later leaving than we had hoped. This meant the next stop (at the lookout above the Olympic site) was a quick one. We walked down the hill to take some photos, then straight back up again so we wouldn’t be left behind!

The coach dropped us off at the terminal about 11.45am. We managed to find ourselves in yet another souvenir shopping centre and bought a little bottle of sangria (very, very cute!!!) and some odds and ends. Then it was back on the boat to drop off our goodies, and head up for lunch. We got chatting with a lovely lady from Jersey and stayed there drinking coffee and chatting for a couple of hours.

Back in the cabin, Mardi took a nap (now that is amazing!!) and I typed up the journal. Hopefully one day I will get to upload what I have written.

It was a relaxing afternoon. We dozed, I read an entire book (first time in a long time), organised the photos … you know the sort of stuff you do when you’re doing nothing!

The evening was extremely good fun though. We dolled ourselves up and went to the dining room for dinner. It was delicious. Mardi had breaded mushrooms, pork chop (that melted in her mouth) and English trifle. I had seafood fritters, prawns in pancetta and torte (all very yummy). Mardi also had the cocktail of the day, a Long Island Beach, and finished the evening off with an Irish coffee. I had a lukewarm latte, and wished I hadn’t.

From there we went shopping. Well, the intention was to walk through the shops to walk off dinner. But we came back with goodies. Mardi bought herself a very nice ring (that was really cheap and fitted perfectly). And she bought be a pearl necklace and some pearl earrings (and they are beautiful). We then taste tested some alcohol, and bought a couple of bottles of that too … similar to Baileys, but called Amarulo. We then went into the draw to win a piece of artwork, and some jewellery. You had to be at the draw to win, and we were there, but unfortunately we didn’t win.

We got home after 10pm (latest night yet!!) and there on the bed was our washing (woo hoo, clean clothes) and a penguin towel (cutest thing ever!!). We had a great evening. Mardi watched us lose the golf while I slept. Nothing on tomorrow (it’s a day at sea) so we will be sleeping in (ha ha) and packing our bags ready for Wednesday, as Tuesday is a BIG day for us both.

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