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Kenny and I just hanging out.


My boo boo

Our favorite hole in the wall place to eat in Salem, Mass.

Since this was my last weekend with Kenny, we decided to trek to Salem, Massachusetts, for the day. We had gone to Salem a few years ago in October 2009, when I was visiting Kenny while he was at Chester College of New England, Chester, New Hampshire, which is near Manchester. Since it was so much fun at that time we decided to go back. During our prior trip during October, Salem was very busy with so many people visiting there since it had so much history with the Salem Witch Trials and Lizzy Borden and much more.

It was a great day, weather was perfect, not much humidity so we were planning on seeing some of the places we didn't get a chance to see before.

On our way there we decided to park first and then go find a place to eat. We really hadn't eaten much that morning so feeding our growling stomachs first was the number one thing to do once we got there. Kenny and I were looking up a few places once we parked and decided on a previous place we had gone to eat at. It was a small hole in the wall called, "In a Pig's Eye".

You know they say don't text and drive. I wasn't driving but was looking down at my phone looking at the directions to the eatery. As Kenny and I were going up the hill towards the restaurant, I decided to take a spread eagle dive. Yes I landed face down on the walkway. It must have been a sight. Once I got my brain thinking and realized I was on the ground, I tried to get up. That didn't quite work. Kenny had to help me get up and yet that didn't quite work. I was leaning up against the wall with my legs to my side and trying to get up was awkward, it took several tries, I even said, "I wasn't drinking" before I got up, as there was a couple that had watched me take the nose dive. LOL

Once I was able to get up I started to feel my muscles and bones talking, especially my knee areas. I was wearing leggings and could feel my knees were not happy. My left knee wasn't too bad, a bit bruised but could still walk. Then I pulled up my legging on my right leg to above the knee and what I saw was my knee was almost yelling. The top layer of the skin had come off the knee area with some of the skin was on the legging. There was also a small chunk of skin removed so walking was not pleasant. In fact couldn't wait to get to the restaurant to sit down and clean my boo boo.

Once we were able to order, I was able to go and wash my knee. That helped with some of the pain. The meal was good but not as enjoyable as it could have been of course. Once we were finished, we went to find some sort of pharmacy to get band aids, antiseptic, and Advil.

With me limping around downtown Salem, not feeling the best, Kenny was sweet to just say let's just go back to his place. I didn't disagree one bit. I was looking to get off my feet and rest my poor knees. You know getting up there in age isn't always fun, at least that's what my body told me that day.

Sunday morning I woke up with feeling somewhat sore. My body wasn't screaming so was thankful for that, but it was talking to me. Kenny and I just decided to stick around his place with maybe going out in the afternoon or for dinner. I was glad as I wouldn't have been able to run a marathon or go hiking up the nearest mountain. Okay how old am I? Not 25 anymore, boohoo.

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