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Well, we made it believe it or not. It was touch and go there before we left home. I decided at the last moment on Tuesday to just check with the airlines to confirm we were on our scheduled flights. I had hard copies of the tickets in my possession and had made the reservations back in March, but with my luck, I decided to not take any chances. Well lo and behold we were not on any of the flights. Someone back in April had inadvertently cancelled our reservations. Just to make things even more interesting, Aero Continente from Quito to Lima no longer existed, they went bankrupt and no one knew. So everyone scrambled and got us on the original flights even though they were already booked, plus put us on TACA air in South America. I think Melissa and I must have collected on some past good deeds. At least I did from another life.

So off we go early in the morning and after travelling for an entire day we end up in Quito around 8ish with our ride there at the airport. Good, we thought we are in the clear. We did our howdya-do's with the others on our trip and then went off to bed feeling pretty good for our first day. Unfortunately we woke up this morning with altitude sickness and spent the remainder of the day grovelling in our twin beds staring at each other. We finally ventured out around 5ish and had high tea with some English folks. So we are looking forward to tomorrow as we travel up even higher in altitude. Wish us luck!!!

Kathy and Melissa

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