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Early start to leave Coober Pedy and head south with a bit of a tail wind. 7.5 hours of driving all up with stops for lunch at Glendambo and then a tourist stop at Woomera where we went to the 2 museums in town. What an interesting place - a town built for 5000 now having 125 people.

Just like mining towns, this government town has all these facilities - a beautiful theatre that are now going to waste as the town is basically no more. Even though there is testing of rockets still happening it is not at the levels it was in the 50'and 60's when Woomera was a large inland defence area where people were not allowed to visit. On the way into Woomera we stopped at Lake Hart (predominantly empty large salty water lake which had railway lines through the middle of it - we wondered why? We asked the helpful lady at the museum who told us that it was the line they used to move the supplies/rocket resources to the launch pad which is not far from the lake). Certainly explained a railway line in an unlikely place!

On through Port Augusta and up through the Flinders Ranges to the pretty little town of Quorn where we arrived in the late afternoon and set up to watch the sun go down. A big day but very interesting.

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