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m/tea at Lake Coomba

Lake Coomba

Spring Bluff railway station

words can't describe 'flowers'

Prado in the car park

check out the photo top centre - look at the previous

our walk showed us the result of yesterday's heavy rain

looking across the lagoon to the caravan park

Tuesday 4th October - at Toowoomba

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? Our LAST FULL DAY and it is SUNNY with a chill breeze trying to sneak past the outer garments. Ron took a few bugs off the outside of the van - it was beginning to look like a new Dulux colour called Spotted White.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? Off we drove in our dirty car with clean wheels - Ron couldn’t stand the mud any more. Destination The Village Green at Highfields about 15km N of Toowoomba. Only to find they are CLOSED today. Shades of our attempt to go to a Christmas Shop in Canada.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? Off to the Danish Flower shop a couple of kms further N towards Crows Nest. They don’t sell flowers any more. Just gourds, imported gifts and kazillions (is that a word?) of beads and the accessories for beading work.

Off to Lake Coomba NW of Highfields which is a backup water supply for Toowoomba. Great picnic grounds there and perfect today as it was sheltered from the wind. Could be v. hot in summer though.

On then to Spring Bluff Railway Station. Highly recommended by the same Bruce and Christine who recommended we visit the Danish Flower Shop. Looking forward to having a snack at the cafe which occupies the original station master residence. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? The cafe is CLOSED today. Grrrr!!!!

Next stop, a fabric, sewing, quilting shop for Jan to pick up some variegated thread. When we were almost in town, Jan went looking on the web and selected a potential shop.WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? It’s 3km away - BACK the way we have come from, at the N end of Hume St. and, WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? they don’t sell embroidery thread anyway.

Next stop, somewhere to eat. Let’s go to the Spring St Nursery, they have a cafe there where we can get a quick bite. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ????? It’s more of a restaurant than a cafe. Nope, didn’t want a full scale expensive lunch so let’s go to the nearest shopping centre on Stenner St.

Yayyy!!! Success. Two yummy pies, a hot chocolate and coffee. Mind you, at 2:35 it could have been “horse”, and it would have been yummy!!! Aldi for a few groceries, then back to the van for a cuppa, walk around the lagoon on West Creek in the late afternoon listening to the birds in all the flowering trees and then - showers. Great day, even if we did have a few surprises along the way.

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