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the terminal from the road in

inside Wellcamp Airport

flight just arrived from Melbourne

the Departures /Arrivals lounge

model of the Airport layout and the surrounding industrial district now being...

what you do when it's raining outside

Monday 3rd October - at Toowoomba - Pub Holiday - Wellcamp Airport

Well! Surprise! Surprise!! It’s raining, steadily constantly and annoyingly. Our friends Bruce and Christine rolled out just before 9 heading south, and I think they must have a bone to pick with us cos they left the rain behind. Ah well. It’ll be fine when we go home Wed.

Meanwhile off we toddle/waddle like a couple of old ducks in the rain and strong gusty wind heading back out towards Cecil Plains direction to have a look at the new Wellcamp Airport. Very impressive and due to “excellent tour-director planning” (a.k.a. “sheer luck”), a flight arrived just as we entered the departures area. The wind was so strong the wind sock was parallel to the ground and was turning umbrellas inside out as the passengers from Melbourne on the “Air North” flight walked the 100metres to the terminal across open space. We wandered around for a half hour then travelled the 15kms back to the caravan park for lunch. They had three flights due in today - 2 from Melb and 1 from Syd.

The afternoon has been absolutely awful - constant rain and at times torrential, such that Jan couldn’t even hear the TV properly. It started to ease about 6:00 and by 8:00 it was all gone with a sky full of stars. Let’s hope that is a good sign for the morning.

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