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Early up to catch a plane from Coober Pedy airport. Here we met out pilot - a 21yo called Kat who was excellent given the crazy wind howling. We flew out to the northern Lake Eyre which only had a little water in it but some bird life - pelicans, comorants and black swans. We then flew down to southern lakes which has the lowest place in Australia (actually below sea level) where the water was. It was huge and an array of colours- glad we did it. We then flew to the very small township of William Creek (which is basically a pub and airport) on the Oodnodatta Track (which looks more like a highway than a track). While the plane was being refuelled the boys had a game of pool in the pub (only place to escape the every increasing howling winds!!) Everyone is saying how unusual the winds are - we seemed to have copped them everywhere.

Back in the air to the "painted hills" which are a spectacular array of colours in what would normally be desert but is not various shades of green. About 4 1/2 hours later we touched back down in Coober Pedy - what a great way to spend the morning. Mum was sick a couple of times - the turbulence was like being on a wild show ride at times due to the wind.

It is amazing to see how flat the country is around this part of Australia - the odd hill or range and basically miles and miles of desert.

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