North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

at the Goondiwindi levee for morning tea

enjoying some rare sun, warmth and "happy hour"

Friday 30th Sept - Moree to Toowoomba

Today we got away at 9:00 heading north. It was a great pattern: 2hrs drive then stop for m/tea at Goondiwindi, 1 and half hrs drive then lunch at Millmerran, and finally a 1hr drive to Toowoomba, setup and it’s time for afternoon tea. What a lifestyle and how great it is to not have dirt mud or puddles at our campsite, just lush grass and bitumen roads. The day is magnificently clear. Blue sky everywhere, and we’re not surprised. The wind today should blow the clouds all the way to Hawaii. The wind was so strong it even blew the thermos flask over after we had emptied it. We’ve had all types of weather except snow and extreme heat. We’ve certainly got our money’s worth at powered sites. The heater normally runs from tea time through to bed time. Ah well! Gibsons will be back in Brisbane next week so all the weird weather should settle down and our friends can now start to plan their holidays.

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