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Caravan park on a Farm on the Nullarbor


True sign heading was 82 degrees

More true signs

More true signs

The Nullarbor Plains

Amazing cliff face

Cliff face 200 mts off the road

Lunch on The Nullarbor

Nullarbor - treeless plain

Whales close to boardwalk

Great Southern White Whales


Mother and calf


They are huge about 60 tons

Free camp on the Nullarbor

Hi All,

1198 kilometers of road from Norseman in WA to Ceduna in SA and the Nullarbor is crossed, Nullarbor actually means treeless plains and nothing could be further from the truth. It took us parts of 4 days and 3 nights to cross as we had to get to Norseman in the 1st place then get beyond Ceduna on the last of 4 days. Distance travelled in the 4days was 1611kms.

It was amazing, different vegetation all the time and 4 stops on the waters edge but on cliffs tops made total contrasts in the scenery. At one point at what is called The Head of the Bight, Southern White Whales migrate to give birth and fatten the calf for the trip back south in summer. For a time as the calves grow they just spend the day basking in the sun right up to the cliff face and we were privileged enough to see them, about 15 in total. Totally amazing to see whales from a height in very clear water. Oh and we took heaps of photos.

After watching the whales we headed very late for us to a roadhouse for the night only to find it full, we checked the weather on the IPad before heading for a free camp. The weather forecast for the next day we not very good so we set off early planning to stay on the coast at Ceduna. Then things started to fall apart. At Ceduna the wind was so strong Marco battled to walk in it so we decide to head inland to get away from it. We set up in a small town caravan park, cold wet and windy knowing the weather was about to get worse and it did, boy it surely did get worse then at about 3pm all of South Australia the whole state lost electricity, so there we were, cold wet and windy, no 240 volt power so no heating and just the ABC for TV, at least we had that others were not so lucky. The van does have 12 volt power and gas that runs all the essentials like fridge, cooking, lights so we were OK in that respect. The night was the roughest we have ever spent in the van rocking and rolling all night long. The gale force winds were blowing 60- 70 kms per hour and it was quite freaky.

The next morning things were still bad so we decided to stay put as at least we knew where we were and we were safe. To stay warm we sat with hot water bottles on our laps, played card games, read and shivered. The weather slowly abated and at about 5pm luckily the power came back. The next morning all was well enough for us to continue so we as ever had a different time of it but took it our stride.( Not that we liked it.)

Now at Port Augusta stocking up and heading off to our next planned event and in the direction of home.

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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