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Heading Into Serbia From Romania

Day 15 – Sunday 25th September

Sveged, Hungary - Belgrade, Serbia – 138miles, total to date = 1,545miles

On the road again & off to The Romanian border about twenty miles away. Romania is not part of the Schengen Agreement so it doesn’t have open borders like most EU countries. We also needed to get a Romanian vignette pass to use the roads. The border formalities were pretty straightforward & we joined a small queue of vehicles having their documents & loads checked by both the Hungarian & then Romanian Immigration & Customs officials.

Once through the border itself I then had to pull over to the little hut where the vignettes were being processed. Unfortunately when my turn came to present the vehicle documents the computer apparently went ‘kaput’ so the guy pointed down the road & said something about Benzine Station which I took to mean we would have to get our vignette from the petrol station down the road. Probably better as I couldn’t see a credit/debit card machine & I didn't know if he would take euros. Anyway we & a couple of other cars headed off down the road & eventually found a petrol station where we bought our vignettes. They cost us 29.90 RONs which converts to just over £5.

We got the impression straight away that we were now in one of the poorer European countries as we drove along. The countryside was flat & featureless & the couple of small towns we passed through looked pretty run down although they were tidy enough with mostly single storey houses set back from the road. Having just got into Romania we decided on another change or adjustment to our plans today. We were going to head to a city in Romania called Timisoara for our next night stop but decided instead to down & across the border to Belgrade in Serbia.

We did log a geocache in one town in Romania on our way but apart from that our highlight was watching a flock of turkeys being driven across the road in front of us. The countryside was dominated by fields of maize although we did pass through one area with acres & acres of apple trees. The roads were pretty deserted with only a few odd cars but the main forms of transport appear to be horse & carts, tractors & bikes. A bit depressing really.

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