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Week 24 9/19-9/25

I forgot about the coin pickup with the forklift. My son, Jason, brags about being able to pick up a quarter with a forklift. So, of course this first time I get to use a forklift I had to try it. I didn’t have a quarter so I used a nickel. I tried to upload a video of it to this site but it’s too large so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I do have video of it that I was able to upload to Facebook.

I think I also forgot to mention that the Klondike Doughboy was selling used pants. Their post on Facebook said for $2. But now they are actually $1 each. When I went to get the fry breads I bought two pair. I was told that someone had gotten the pants for $5 each and gave them to someone there to sell for what they could get. So, they are selling them for just $1 each.


Since there were no ships in port today and we were all off, one of our neighbors went to Whitehorse. Margie asked if they were going to the bakery in Carcross on the way and he said that was a given. However, when they returned they said that the bakery was closed, but they bought an order of bread pudding for us where they ate at.


I told a customer that his total was $2.21 American and he starts putting down Canadian. So I had to tell him again. I think it was the same customer that asked, Does this ATM give American money? You can get American money out of here? How much money would I have to put in to get what we need? I said you put your card in and ask for what you need? A really rude woman came in with a radio on in her pocket. I’m sure it was probably her smart phone. Smarter than her I’m sure. Anyway the radio is on loud enough to hear it throughout the store. It is on while she is transacting business with me, it is on while she is talking to her friends, it is on the whole time she is in the store and still on when she leaves. If you have to have a radio on that loud out in public then maybe you don’t need to be out in public. A fellow bought something and then after a while he came back in asking for a refund. He said a store down the road gave him half off for the same item. While I was explaining to him that we do not give refunds but he can exchange it for something else I was pointing at the sign on the register that says basically that. This was a five to ten minute conversation with him wanting to know why he couldn’t get a refund because he found it cheaper somewhere else. At one point he said that he guessed that one store is better than the other. I said, evidently, we’re better than they are because we don’t have to discount so much to sell our merchandise. The sad thing is that I found out later that it was our other store right next door that did this. A woman opened a bag of caramels to look inside. Why would you do that? It says what is in it on the outside of the bag. A lady evidently really wanted these two necklaces because they got tangled up on the rack and I had to spend at least 5 minutes untangling them. We are getting an extra ship on Thursday. It is not normally in Skagway but it is skipping another one of its stops and coming here instead. One of the stores with ice cream is having a half off sale of all it’s ice cream products. That’s good because our neighbor said it would go real good on our bread pudding. So, on the way home I stopped and got two scoops of vanilla. Since it was half off I couldn't stop at that. I also got two scoops of huckleberry cheese cake flavor and two scoops of waffle cone flavor. I had also been craving soda so I got a Pepsi, too.


The extra ship is actually coming in tonight at 10:00pm. The Convention bureau is trying to see if some businesses will stay open late to accommodate the passengers and a couple of them are.


I talked to a passenger off of the extra ship and he told me that they were actually skipping three of their scheduled ports of call. He named two of them but couldn’t remember the third one. That happened to be the one I’d heard and said Kodiak. He said yes. He seemed to like that I knew and I felt good that it looked like I was interested enough to know that. When he had said that they weren’t even supposed to be here, I was also able to say that he was on the Massdam which also showed that I was paying attention and was interested. He seemed just a bit surprised that I knew that, also.

The owner rode his bike to work and rode it right through the store again, dodging customers. Oh, to be the owner.


Margie had lunch today with a member of the family of the owners. He wanted to pick her brain about anything she knows or has heard that would make things better. He said that in her work she goes to all of the stores and sees all of the employees and has a better perspective of things. Of course, he also asked her about coming back next year. She has really impressed them with her work ethic and work in general. She told him what we have always said, there are too many things to do to repeat and go to the same place more than once. There was an ambulance across the street dealing with someone. I never found out what went on. One of our neighbors had a leak with subsequent water damage to his RV. It’s a smaller class C and he intended to sell it anyway, but now he has to fix the damage and leak first. I saw that he put a post on Facebook for it. He is completely redoing the front end where the leak and damage was. It looks like a lot of work. A fellow was in the store and said that he needed to find a place to sit down as he was disabled. He went outside and then came back in and asked me for a bag to put down on the bench outside before he sat on it since it has been raining a lot. The owner put the awning out too far and it was able to sag and hold rain water. He started to roll it in a little and the water started pouring off the side where he was and coincidentally where the fellow was sitting that asked for the bag. For a disabled person he was able to move pretty fast when the water started pouring on the sidewalk in front of him. Later the owner went outside and was getting the bag that the fellow left on the bench and also found out why he may have been disabled. There was another bag there that had several liquor bottles in it. There were at least five small airline type bottles in it and one larger liquor bottle. Later I went out to adjust the awning again and as I rolled it in the water that had accumulated started pouring off all across the front of it. There were people standing there, also. Luckily neither time did the water pour right on anyone but just poured near them and splashed a lot. I bought some things today and when I rang them up I inadvertently ran my debit card at the wrong time and it which puts several of the card numbers in the space that shows how much you gave. So, it looked like I’d “tendered” over $44,000 for less than $100. Normally when this happens the register tells you that you are taking over $100 more than the total and asks if you are sure you want to continue. Not this time it just went right a head and completed the transaction showing that I gave over $44,000 and didn’t say anything about giving back over $44,000 in change. Since I was using my debit card I was a little concerned. So, I just voided the whole transaction and started over. However, when I looked at the receipt it showed it as a cash transaction but I don’t know why it didn’t show any change due. I got an email from the owners about them feeding us and having an end of season get together at the campground on Sunday. The neighbor with the water damage also posted a heater for sale and he evidently sold it


We decided that it was time to take a little shake down drive in the motor home today and fill up the diesel tank. The last cruise ship is Tuesday and our last workday is Wednesday. So, we will be pulling out in about five days and heading for California. I have been starting the motor home about every two weeks and have had a trickle charger on the engine batteries for a while. Well, as luck would have it, it picks today not to start. It wouldn’t even start when I boosted it with the house batteries. I couldn’t find any reason for it not to start except for the possibility that all five of the batteries were just dead for some strange reason. So, the only thing to do was jump it with the pickup. This entails lifting the bed to get access to the batteries in the engine compartment under it and running the cables through the bedroom window to the batteries. It took a while but it finally started. When I put the cables on the battery it appeared that one of the positive cables was lose on the post. I’ve had the trickle charger on and we haven’t driven it anywhere so how does the battery cable suddenly just get lose. Well at least there may be an easy fix to the problem. At least, while trying to find out what the starting problem was I found my little multi tool I wear on my belt. It was in a cabinet near the fuse/breaker box where I had used it a while back to remove a 12 volt fuse and have been unable to find it for a couple of weeks. So, we were able to take the RV into town and get the fuel. One of the reasons I wanted to take it for a drive was to slosh the contents of the waste tanks around so hopefully it would dump more thoroughly. When we got back I parked in the spot next to ours that had been vacated last weekend. I was hoping it would be better for the dumping as the sewer connection was closer to the ground and would dump better. I think I was right. I like it a lot better. However, it appears that at least one of my dump valves is not closing tightly and when I started the dumping process I noticed some dripping. That’s not a good sign. I had to open the smaller hose connection first and sure enough waste water started coming out. So, I had to wait for that to stop before taking the larger cap off to attach the sewer hose to it. Then I was able to start my dumping procedure. I usually dump and fill the black tank several times to hopefully get everything out. When I plugged the electrical cord for the water heater back in and turned on the power to that plug it started buzzing. I turned it off and unplugged the cord and turned it back on again. This time the plug in popped and smoked. So, I plugged it into the plug on the other side of the post for the other site. Then I plugged in our adaptor that checks for proper electrical wiring with indicator lights. The lights are hard to read in the daylight. So, I left it plugged in and used our inverter for power until it got a little darker so I could read the lights better before plugging the RV cord in. I tightened the battery connection for the engine batteries and plugged the charger back in. Margie went into the grocery store and to the doughboy and used two of our free fry bread cards. She noticed that the pants they have for sale have name tags on them. So, she decided that they were prison pants and the two I bought have the same name on them. Actually, they also have a tag for a well-known uniform rental company on them. So, that’s probably why they have names on them to keep track of them. I thought it was interesting that these were uniform “jeans.” I think we’ll still refer to them as my prison pants. They will probably be a little long for me but luckily they have preworn cuffs (meaning they've already been walked on and worn down). We may take another drive in the motor home tomorrow to make sure it’ll start and slosh the tanks again since I left them filled some. Then I will use the wand that the previous owner made to spray into the tanks and flush them out even better.


I decided not to take the RV out again and just dumped the black tank again and then filled and flushed it a couple of times. Then I got the hose and wand inside the motor home through the bedroom window to the toilet and used it to flush out the tank some more. The pipe from the toilet bowl goes straight into the black tank which makes it relatively easy to put the wand down inside the tank and rinse it out. Some RV plumbing systems have a bend in the pipe before it goes into the tank. This type of hookup would make it difficult to flush the tank from inside the toilet. I’m always happy when I get the monitor to light only the bottom light which indicates empty. When I got finished only the bottom light was lit. Yea! The ball and seal at the bottom of the toilet bowl is supposed to hold some water in the bottom of the bowl sort of like a household toilet has water in it. For some time now it hasn't held the water. We put some in before we use it but in less than a minute it is already empty. I was not looking forward to fixing that problem. However, I joined an email group that sends out RV tip videos in emails. Within the last couple of days they just happened to send one out dealing with just this issue. Like they showed I used a piece of wire to go around the rubber seal and clean it off underneath. I had been concerned about doing something like this for fear of doing more damage to the seal. After I finished I put water in it and it has held for hours. Yea! I was on a roll.

When we were out four-wheeling a while back we found a water heater access panel. It’s much larger than ours that blew off on the way here. Today I tried to see if I could do a little fabricating on it to make it fit. I cut a few inches off two sides, drilled a couple of small holes for pins to go in, and drilled/cut a slot for the securing hook. It’s not perfect and may fall off before we get to the border about 20 miles away. However, it is better than no access panel at all. I’ll still be on the lookout for a proper one.

We had the end of season get together this evening. The pork steaks were great. Especially, since I hadn’t had any for a long time. I’ve come to realize over the years that bar-b-q pork steaks are pretty much a St. Louis thing. Most of the other things we had were not what was originally scheduled. You never know what will be available at the grocery store, so there were some substitutions.

Three more days and it’s time to get on the road. Inventory tomorrow and Wednesday, the last ship and open store on Tuesday. Margie has been taking inventory of the warehouse this week, also.

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