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Sheep on the road

Hyden's Wave Rock

Rock on Wave Rock

Coastline near Esperance

Coastline near Esperance

Shows how small the orchids are

Enamel Orchid

Strange wattle

Showing how small the orchids are

Hi All,

It was once said that the best laid plans of mice and men ….well certainly true for us over here in the west. We had planned to stay at a couple of places but the parks there were just not up to scratch so we moved on thus leaving us a day earlier in Esperance than we planned. We have stopped at 3 towns on the way here all being in the flower regions. Interestingly we have also been driving through what is called the wheatbelt and have we seen lots of wheat being grown, sheep eating grass plus the canola in the bright yellow flower and it’s been amazing sights to see.

One of the places we wanted to visit was Hyden. In Hyden there is a rock called Wave Rock. It’s very much in the shape of a wave ready to break and getting a photo without 65,000 Asians all surfing at once with 6 photos each on 9 cameras was an exercise in patience, rewarded by another one just walking into frame that we did not see. At least it was basically surfers free. It is climbable which we did and were not disappointed in the views and to find the town water supply, a dam on top.

Of course there were more wildflowers, some are very small and hard to see but we are rewarded when we see some. Basically it’s the small orchids that are the most beautiful when you find them in the bush. So far we have not found any being grown out of the bush.

Now at Esperance, we have been for a run to Cape La Grand, a beautiful national Park on the coast with some of the clearest water and whitest sand we have seen in our travels. Now tomorrow we start our 2nd crossing of the Nullarbor, its 1198 kms from Norseman in the west to Ceduna in the east which, as we want to see as much as we can, we expect will take 3 days. In between the 2 towns there are nothing but a few roadhouses.

Sorry for the lack of photos, using 10 this time we have used up our 30 day quota of 150 every 30 days.

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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