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It was a sad sad morning as we said goodbye to our...

We will miss them very, very much!!!!!

The reason for naming of tonight's entry

We had a wee BIG shop ... at Gretna Green

We were met by a piper

Then we saw the first house in Scotland

Arrived in Moffat not long after we left Gretna Green

Stayed at the Moffat House Hotel

Mardi and I were on the third floor

I love the names of the shops in this town

How cool is this name?

You need to read the Postscript in today's entry to appreciate this...

This morning we left Bolton and journeyed up to Moffat in Scotland for the night.

After packing up our rooms, and packing the car (... to the hilt!!!) we drove around to the Post Office near Mike and Rona's to post three parcels home for Janine (that is 6kgs less to get home!). Then we stopped off at Braddyll Road for a cuppa, and to say our goodbyes. We will certainly miss our English cousins!! Our stay in Bolton has been made so much better because they live here. We had such a great time together. It's such a pity we don't live closer to each other - we would have such a fun time ... and probably never get any work done!! Many thanks Cuz and Navman. We had a great time and miss you heaps!

The trip north was really good. We stopped off at a Services Centre for a cuppa and some lunch. The next stop was Gretna Green for a spot of shopping. Mardi had always had said this was going to be her shopping stop, and shop she did. Best part of this shopping spree was that they took off our tax, and what we saved in tax paid for our postage home. So we bought some Lindsay tartan and souvenirs, and the lovely ladies at the shop will post it all home for us!!! Woo hoo!

We checked out the last house in England and first in Scotland after Mardi received great instructions (drawn on some tissue paper) from a man in a shop at the Gretna Green shops. It was an excellent photo opportunity.

Half an hour later we were in Moffat. It certainly is a quaint little town. After a minor hiccup with the accommodation (not nice man in Reception claims one room is paid for, one is not. This is contrary to our pre-paid vouchers, that he didn't want to accept!!!). He let us have our rooms and I'll sort it all out in the morning! Mardi and I are in a rather large family room. Poor Janine and Luke have a rather small double room. Not really sure what happened here, but we have rooms with clean bedding and a shower. And it's only for one night!! Unfortunately all the shops shut at 4pm (and don't open till 10am) so we couldn't go shopping :(

Dinner is going to be a quick trip across the street to the chippy (fish and chip shop). Who knows what we'll feel like, but I'm sure we'll find something to sustain us!

By, the way, I'm working under duress for tonight's journal entry. We each packed one little bag for this stay (so we didn't have to unpack the entire car). Luckily for me I packed my mini iPad in my overnight bag, but no chords to charge anything electrical, and no way to access today's photos from our cameras. To this end, there will be no photos uploaded tonight. I'll go back and add them when we arrive in Edinburgh tomorrow night. Sorry about that!

PS We did end up going across the road for fish and chips ... well burgers and fish cakes really. After that we wandered into the Stag Hotel and there we had a few beers (well Luke and Janine did), played some darts, listened to some music and played some pool. Janine won the best of three against Luke, but then Luke and I teamed up to whip Mardi and Janine!!! Ask them how we won ... it was all class!!!!!!!!

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