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All the tree growing over the headstone had been cleared

All we had to do was a spot of extra cleaning ...

... with some general supervision from Mardi

The headstone of Johnson Lomax and his wife, Elizabeth

Johnson Lomax, aged 25; Elizabeth, died one month earlier, aged 28

Rellies at the headstone

All the clan (minus Mardi) out to dinner

Mike and Rona


I love a man of his word, and John (the man in the suit at the cemetery from Monday) is definitely that!! This afternoon when we went back to Heaton Cemetery for the final time we found that John had organised to have the Johnson Lomax headstone, that we were looking for, cleaned up and easy to read. But I'll let you know more about that when I've told you all about our day.

Breakfast was once again in our room ... porridge / museli / weetbix, yoghurt / milk and fruit. Mardi and I left Janine and Luke packing whilst we headed to the Post Office to send home our winter woollies (clean and unworn some of them, as the weather has been stupendous!). Once we'd made good friends with the lady in the Post Office we took the car to the car wash and sat in the waiting room, with a nice gentleman, whilst a lot of young fellows washed the outside and vacuumed the inside. And, boy, did it ever need that to happen!!

We headed back to the Mercure about lunchtime, picked up Janine and then scooted over to Middlebrook Retail Centre for lunch. We ate at Luciano's, and one thing I can tell you for sure is they have GREAT coffee. And their sandwiches weren't too bad either.

We took a subway back to the Mercure for Luke, picked him up and headed for Mike and Rona's. Mike had been to the physiotherapist this morning, so he was like a new man when we got there ... full of vim and vigour!!

Rona (and her secateurs and gloves - on the off chance the headstone hadn't been cleaned) joined us for a trip to the cemetery. And when we got there we were very pleasantly surprised. Our headstone had been cleared and the ivy, branches, bush and bird's nest had all been removed. All that was needed was a wipe down with Rona's little brush and gloves (see ... they did come in handy) and we were able to make out the names and dates of the people buried there. It was very exciting, and interesting. We still aren't 100% certain they are the right family members but we think we are on the right path, so we'll keep looking when we get back to Oz and see what we can come up with. And so, I want to thank Mike (for organising John) and John for doing as he said he would try to do (in cleaning up the headstone)!! Thank you gentlemen!!!

We dropped Janine and Luke off at the Mercure and then took Rona home. We all had a great natter (remind me to tell you about the red marbles one day) and a cuppa. Mike taught me how to paint (this also possibly needs some explanation at some time in the future ...) and we headed home to get ready to go out tonight.

Dinner this evening, was once again a lavish affair at the Tavern Fayre (on Hunger Hill). We feasted on steak, linguini, roast beef, pork tenderloins and fish and chips, and I don't think any one of us could say they were left hungry. It was a very enjoyable evening ... food, beverages and company were outstanding.

We said our good nights and once back at the Mercure it was time to ensure the packing was complete and everything fit back into the suitcases. Please car angels ... I will need help tomorrow making sure the car will hold all the things we have to put into it!!

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