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Beautifully carved emu eggs at the Unique Egg in St George

The eggs are displayed with a triangle of mirrors behind them so...

He puts different coloured lights in some of them to give a...

It costs $5.00 to see the display with double your money back...

A lovely sunny day for a change although there’s still more rain forecast tomorrow. I spent a lot of time researching the weather & road situation trying to decide which direction I should go in, even considering going back north if necessary but they all look as bad as each other. Lots of rain & road closures out west, even as far north as Longreach so no good going that way so it has to be south.

I went into town after lunch to the Unique Egg which is the work of one man over the last 60 years. He’s a Greek immigrant who came here after WW2 & learned to carve the most beautiful emu eggs using a handmade tool from an old razorblade. He has them displayed with a small light inside which really brings out the detail & the colour.

Apparently emu eggs have 8 layers of colour from the dark outer shell through to white & he’s learned to carve into each layer to made the most intricate designs. He sells them for $500 - $600 & I would have paid that much but he’s in Greece right now & there weren’t any for sale.

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