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As we drove into town this is what we saw

On the walk up from the car park

The Welsh flag, flying proudly ... everywhere

We are in Wales ... having a ''Wale" of a time

Luke not only got a haircut, but a tattoo sleeve as well...

The Welsh Commandments

Up towards the castle ... built in the 1200's

On our departure

And ... we had to make a detour for a Welsh pastie...

Today we visited Wales. It was up early and off by 8am. We were taken the scenic route by the Nav Lady so it was into uncharted territory we ventured.

First stop ... coffee!! In Leigh, at the most pathetic McDonalds we have ever been to!!! Have you got porridge? No. Do you have breakfast wraps? No. Then can we please have a coffee? Sure ... here's the cup and there's the machine. You can get yourself one ... and a very weak one at that. Not much to eat there, so Janine and Luke went into the ASDA shop in the same building and bought museli, yoghurt and fruit ... which was eaten with a stirring stick from McDonalds because that's the only thing we could find at the time to do the job.

Into the car again and this time the next stop was our destination ... Conwy, Wales. It is most definitely quaint, cute, beautiful and ye olde world. The first thing you see when you come into town is the large castle, and the stone wall that surrounds the entire town.

We parked in the all day car park and wandered up to the entrance of the castle. Right there, in front of us was the Visitor Information Centre ... and souvenir shop. And in we went!! Many parcels later we wandered up and down the main block ... Luke went for a haircut whilst Mardi, Janine and I ventured into numerous shops along the cobblestone street.

We stopped off for lunch in a deserted little tea room ... with a lovely looking, but not overly impressive, waitress. We had wondered what we had got ourselves in for but when the coffee and the meal arrived we were impressed. It was without a doubt one of the best meals we have had this holiday. Mardi hadn't really wanted to stay as the menu didn't have a Welsh pastie on it, and that was all she was wanting to eat. We convinced her to have a jacket potato (of which she ate everything on her plate - like a good girl), Luke had a burger, Janine had Meatball Tagine and I had chicken, mushroom and stilton panini. It was delicious!!! The lot of it.

We continued our meandering up and down the streets until we finally made it back to the castle. As Mardi and I had been walked through the ruins, we sent Janine and Luke up to photograph the great views. I took all the parcels to the car, and Mardi ... found the souvenir shop again and was checking it out when I came back to collect her.

It was 3 pm by this time so we decided to head for home. Whilst lamenting the day and how fantastic it had been, the only regret was from Mardi ... no Welsh pastie!! Janine and Luke made me turn off the main road and into Queensferry (still on the Welsh side of the border). We googled a local bakery and found a car park out the back. Inside the bakery we found ... a Welsh pastie!! Woo hoo!! Mardi and Luke both had one (Mardi's was traditional, Luke's was all steak). They ate them in the car park and then we once again headed for home ... along with the other eleventy billion people who were heading home along the Motorways this afternoon. We finally made it back to the motel about 5.30pm.

Luke stayed at the Mercure whilst Mardi, Janine and I drove to Barrow Bridge Road so Janine could walk up the 63 steps that Grandma so loved as a young girl. From there we went back to the Mercure and started to work out our packing / washing / souvenirs before the rush of tomorrow.

Luke was hungry about 7.30pm so I drove everyone over to Middlebrook - two for subway and one for an icecream at McDonalds. I'm tired tonight. We've had a very interesting day of driving (lots of shortcuts, and unusual places to traverse). Janine and Luke are in the spa, Mardi is reading a magazine and I am ready for bed before our last day in Bolton ... tomorrow :(

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