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The Store

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Support Going Away

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Enjoying a White Castle in Alaska

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75% Off Candy

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A Beautiful Day

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Me Operating Forklift


I don’t really have anything for today. So, I’ll just share this.

I thought of an idea for a new cartoon character today, based on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her statement about Trump supporters being in a basket of deplorables. I thought about it when I connected it with the movie “The Despicables” and the minion characters in it. Then there would be Despicables and Deplorables. I don’t know what despicables live in but I know that my deplorables will live in a basket. Watch for my characters soon, and don’t forget it was my idea. (© 9/12/2016 OTRwithMandR.com).


My co-worker and I were told that we should begin cleaning the store for the end of the season, since we were both still working for a couple of days. So, we are doing some spring cleaning in the fall. My co-worker’s last day is tomorrow. He is going to go by his place in Hyder, Alaska when he leaves here. Then he plans to go Seattle for some medical stuff. From there he is going to Hillsboro, North Dakota to work the sugar beet harvest like we did two years ago. As a matter of fact Hillsboro is the same place we were. Then he will go to Minnesota where he grew up, to visit his dad for a while.

I think it was today that the fellow who sells propane in town came through the campground and talked to Margie. He said he had been told that there may be someone out there who wanted to get filled. She told him it was probably us, as my co-worker had mentioned it to him when he got his portable bottles filled the other day. So, later he brought his propane truck out and filled our tank. Margie wanted to pay him but he said he would just send us a bill to the post office box we are using.

Another customer asked for a bag before I had his purchase rang up. So, I just said that’s what I usually do.


Margie shipped 5 packages for us today when she went to the post office. One to my Jason, one to her Jason, one to my friend John in Texas, one to her mom, and one to her mom and dad for her granddaughters. One thing I sent John was the T-shirt with the state of Texas inside the state of Alaska. Those Texans are always bragging about the size of their state. I sent my Jason several things for all of them. One thing was four sort of identical souvenir things I got for the boys including the big one when we went to Mexico. I just never had sent them yet.

Well today is my co-worker’s last day. I’ve been looking for a ziplock bag of cow bone carved pendants for a while. I was sure we had more, but he just kept saying he thought there weren’t anymore. Today I came in and it looked like there were more of them out. He acted like he didn’t know anything about them. Later in the day I found the ziplock bag in the trash can and showed it to him, but he just smiled. He finally told me where he had found them. I told him about a friend of mine that now lives in the Philippines who was visiting the states with his new wife who hadn’t been here before. One of the first stops they made was to a White Castle. As we talked about White Castle my co-worker said the grocery store here has White Castle hamburgers. I may have seen them but I didn’t remember.

My co-worker and I both took several pictures today of each other and the store. He said he wanted to get a pizza and come over when we both got off. So, the three of us had pizza at our motor home for dinner.


I had a woman looking at some silver bracelets today that she thought were too expensive. I was explaining their history and the fact that they were from a collection of a museum curator who had died last year. Our owner had bought a lot of the collection. She said he really likes his bracelets and she said that she had seen them somewhere else cheaper. I started to mention the age and collectability of them and she interrupted me by saying, “I understand, I understand.” My thought was, no I don’t think you do understand. How do you put a standard price on a collectable, possibly antique item? The other one she saw may well have been made in China last month. Whereas, this one could be 100 years old or more and made by a native American/Alaskan. I don’t know if I mentioned learning the word for discount in one of the Asian languages. It sounded like deeschi, but I’m not sure how it would be spelled. I heard it several times because the Asian fellow that was asking for it didn’t give up easily. I have found that many foreign people almost refuse to pay full price and always ask for a discount. Many times they ask to excess. I had one fellow walk away saying we didn’t know how to do business. My thought was, how rude. You are in my country and you are the one who doesn’t know how to do business here. I decided to mention this after hearing Asian people talking. I’ve noticed that when they are in a group, they seem to all talk simultaneously and I wonder how they hear and understand each other. Now I’ve started listening to Americans and people from other countries to see if they do this and I just haven’t noticed it with anyone but Asians.

A woman was looking at wind chimes and I heard her tell the woman with her that her association wouldn’t let her have anything outside that made noise. Why in the world would anyone want to live in that restrictive environment? Why do people let themselves be bullied to conform to other’s desires? Of course it is the same with laws anymore. We are all bullied with laws to conform to what other people want.

By the way, my co-worker didn’t leave town yet and spent time at the store to finish up some stuff on the internet. He comes by when he is off and uses my hotspot. So, he did that today.

He came over this evening and brought the DVD player I let him use and the “TENS” unit Margie let him use for his back.


When I got in the truck today I saw a beer can on my hood. It was the brand my co-worker drinks. He had attached the key to the store on the tab and left it on the hood when he left this morning.

We have a cute little mammoth ivory thing that someone was interested in that didn’t have a tag on it. I contacted the manager and she said $30. It’s small but I thought that was still a pretty good price for something made from Wholly Mammoth ivory. They didn’t buy it though.

A woman was looking at wind chimes and asked me if she got two of them could she have them for $120. There was a severe language barrier and I tried to tell her that they were regularly $77.99 making two of them about $156. However, they were now 30% off making two of them only about $109. Then she began to say that was too expensive. HUH!!! You just offered to buy two of them for $120 when you thought they were $77.99 each. Now $109 is too much!? It is that, I must get a discount mentality. Even if you are now offering it to me for $11 less than I was just willing to pay. Man, people are weird. I should have just told her that, why yes you can have them for $120 and made an extra $11.

I saw a guy in the store today with what I believe is called, a gauge, in his ear. That is where they take ear piercing to a whole new and stupid level. They put a hole in the ear lobe and put a disc thing with a hole in it in the hole in the lobe. Then they use progressively larger gauges to widen the hole. This guy had one in his ear that was at least three inches in diameter. Not around, diameter! What a moron. What the hell is he going to do with that thing when he is 60? When I told Margie about it she said, reconstructive surgery. She said she saw a medical show where they were doing just that. She also said, of course we will probably pay for it because they can’t get a job and can’t figure out why. Her dad had to have a piece of his ear taken off at the top for medical reasons. I told her it was a shame it wasn’t the lobe because then he could just have a piece taken out and one of these gauges put in and he would be oh so stylish at 80+.

We haven’t gotten a bill for the propane yet so Margie called the guy. He said he didn’t send the bills out right away. Then she told him we would be leaving on the 29th and the post office box would be given up by then. His response was, oh you don’t live here permanently? My co-worker told him we would be leaving in 10-11 days when he talked to him and Margie said it the day she talked to him. How many people live in an RV here during the winter? He said he would get the bill out right away.

My co-worker called me after he got to Watson Lake in the Yukon territory for the night to tell me how the drive had been so far. He hasn’t had any problems but he had to wait at the border for about 40 minutes this morning until it opened.


The neighbor right next to us pulled out this morning so that is two RVs gone. Both of them being gone gives us a much better view without as much blockage.

Margie reminded me of the time recently when she really wanted to make a call about the Christmas tree lot and couldn’t get a good connection. Eventually she climbed on the RV roof and was able to make the call. She said she got some strange looks from some of our neighbors. She said it was like Oliver climbing the pole on Green Acres to make a phone call.

I went to the grocery store while Margie cleaned the motor home. They had certain varieties of yogurt at 10 for $6 or 60 cents each. For here, I knew that was a good price. So, I sent Margie a message to see if she needed any. I didn’t get a response before I left the store. They had tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough for 2 for $6. I also knew that was a good price. That one I didn’t ask about I just got two of them. Breakfast sausage is usually rather expensive, but today I saw that they had chorizo sausage for $1.59. I don’t know anything about chorizo sausage, but I thought at that price I would give it a try. When we first got here they had John Morrel bulk type sausage for about $2.59 a package. They haven’t had that for a long time. They have Jimmy Dean sausage for over $5. I had forgotten about the White Castles but just happened to see them. They had with and without cheese, so I got a package with cheese. I also went to the Klondike Doughboy and got two frybreads and of course two stamps since it is Saturday. Now I have three full cards for three free frybreads. The Klondike Doughboy is also selling used jeans. Yeah, kind of weird. They posted on Facebook that they were $2 each but know they are $1. I found a couple of pairs that might fit so I got those two. After I got home I checked the grocery receipt and saw that I had been charged the regular price of $6.55 each for the cookie dough tubs. Since Margie said she wouldn’t have minded having some of the yogurt, now I had a good reason to go back and get it. So, I went back and got 10 of them. Then I went to the register and jokingly said that I’d been cheated. I explained the error to the girl and even showed her a picture of the price on the shelf. I watched her as she said she was doing a refund for one of the $6.55 tubs. Then she said she would now ring up the yogurts. I then told her that there was still 55 cents owed to me and she showed me where she had taken off $6.55 explaining that that was the 55 cents. It took way too long to make her understand that the price should have been $6 for both tubs so she still owed me the 55 cents for the second tub. She studied the receipt I’d given her and finally seemed to understand and put a negative 55 cents in. When she finished and said that she now owed me 61 cents. I momentarily thought that wasn’t enough since I only bought $6 worth of merchandise and she refunded me $7.10. Then I decided it was probably the sales tax so I let it go. However, after I got home I was telling Margie all this and she said, “Is there sales tax on food.” So, I looked and sure enough there wasn’t any tax listed. Then I saw that one of the yogurts I had gotten was not in the area of the 10 for $6 sign. It was $1.09. So, I had actually gotten $6.49 in merchandise which does leave 61 cents. Now I started thinking again and checked my pockets and realized that she had not given me the 61 cents. I was done. They could have my 61 cents. I wasn’t going back for it. This reminded me of another time I got two fry breads on a Saturday at the Klondike Doughboy. That’s double stamp day and the girl there stamped my card twice. It also took way too long to get her to understand that I should have four stamps for buying two breads on double stamp day. She kept saying she did give me two stamps and I kept saying yes but I bought two breads. As John Wayne is credited with saying, “Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid.” OK, that may be a little harsh but I wanted to use that quote.

I washed off the truck and took pictures of my bumper stickers I put on it while we were in Iowa last year. I designed, ordered and paid for them myself to show my support for police officers. Anyone can make an almost anonymous statement of support on Facebook, but it needs to be out in the open, loud and proud, so to speak. Don’t hide your support on the Internet, put it out for all to see. Then I took the vinyl wheel covers off of the motor home, folded up our table and put it in the back of the truck along with a few other things, and cleaned and folded our patio mat and put it away. It’s time for us to start preparing to leave, also.

Margie was going to work in the warehouse for a few hours today. I got to use her forklift to do some cleanup around the campground. The spot where my co-worker had been had several items made of wood that had rotted a long time ago. I moved all of it over to the burn pile. There was a drum full of some liquid that he had been trying to get moved away from his spot for some time. The side of it says it is mineral oil. I got a pallet with the forklift and then managed to manhandle the barrel onto the pallet. Then I moved the barrel on the pallet over near the Quonset hut storage buildings. After I got the area all cleaned up I noticed another strange looking mushroom. They evidently have a lot of varieties of mushrooms around here.


There is too much rain to start the fire today. Tomorrow looks like it might be a much better burn day. Well I cooked the chorizo sausage this morning. It is not my idea of a breakfast sausage. I checked some recipes and saw Mexican breakfast things made with it. I ate it, but it isn’t for me. However, with the price of hamburger now it would probably be a cheaper alternative to that for a lot of food recipes.

I had a Facebook message yesterday but I didn’t check it until today. It is from my friend in Texas telling me he got his package from me. So, I checked at USPS.com (I have never understood why they are not USPS.GOV) and saw that the one to my son was delivered, also. The other three have not been delivered yet.

I was on Facebook around 10:30 and saw that a candy shop in town had everything at 75% off and they were open today from 10-2. There isn’t any cruise ships in today so I figured there wouldn’t be a lot of people there. Margie was outside talking to one of our neighbors so I went out and talked for a few minutes. Then I said I’d love to stay and talk but there was candy to be had at 75% off. Their bulk candy is normally $12.99 per pound. My bill came to $13.26. So, I must have gotten about three pounds of bulk, since I also got a few things that were individually priced but still 75% off. With that and all the other candy we’ve gotten I think we’ll be good until well after we get to the lower 48 states. Margie also thinks it would be a good idea for us to take the other candy that is still in the community room when we leave to give away for Halloween while we are working at the pumpkin lot. At least that way it won’t just get thrown away.

For lunch I ate all six White Castle cheeseburgers. They were good but not quite as good as fresh off the grill at a White Castle. I realized one thing that was missing when I threw the box away. I saw that it said I could add pickles and other condiments of my choice. Aha! It was the pickles that were missing.

For supper Margie had bought a steak a while back and fixed it tonight for both of us along with a piece of salmon for me.

It’s amazing how a lot of times I don’t think I have much to write and I end up writing several pages.

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