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Paul Bunyon and Babe, the Blue Ox are everywhere in Minnesota

Pumpkins make a nice display

The colorful foliage makes a nice display, too

The old rail car behind the wagon ribs has an art display

Talented wood carver

Aren't these cute?

Bemidji,MN While Jim and Ron were fishing, Sandi and Mary attended a fall festival held at a nearby ski resort. Fishing started out great. Jim caught a fish on his first cast. After a while, though, bites were fewer. Jim decided to try out a brand new lure he had recently purchased. He trolled for a while, giving the new lure a fair chance before pulling it back in. It was then he discovered he had never removed the protective plastic cover on the hook. The fish were all quite safe.

It was a beautiful fall day so the festival Sandi and Mary went to was well attended. They saw a wood carver, viewed an amazing art display, smelled some wonderful goat milk soaps, tasted some caramel corn puffs (interesting), watched a blacksmith do his thing, and wandered through the grounds. It was very nice.

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