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The entrance to Mount Rushmore

Ice Cream Recipe used by Thomas Jefferson

Walkway of Flags (All 50 states and the 6 US Territories are...

View of Mt. Rushmore from the viewing terrace

View from the dedication platform

Models used by the sculptor inside sculptor's workshop

Mountain Goats posing for us at Mt. Rushmore

Greetings from the Crazy Horse Monument

Crazy Horse Memorial (in process)

The model for the Crazy Horse Monument

We visited Mount Rushmore and Mount Crazy Horse. We did not allow near enough time for this. We spent most of our time at Mount Rushmore. This place still amazes me. Rosalea and I had visited many years ago and we were both awestruck by the 'impossibility' of it. The original plans included more complete bodies and had the sculptor lived and the money held out, it might have been so. The monument is "complete" no further work is or will be done other than maintenance. We had a bit of a treat as we were walking up from the Sculptor's workshop. We were visited by a family of Mountain Goats. What a treat! No fence, no bars, no fear!

After visiting Mount Rushmore we rushed to Mount Crazy Horse, about 17 miles away.

It was getting late, so we had to rush through this visit. We really should have planned 2 days here. Oh, well!

On to Pierre, SD.

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