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The day didn't start well at all but it did improve slightly as it went on.

To start with, it rained all night & was still raining this morning. The caravan park was pretty waterlogged when I got here yesterday & now it's just a mess.

Then my computer decided to stop working, which was a major problem because everything I'd planned to do on this rainy day involved the computer. I'd had the same problem last year but we diagnosed a failing hard drive so when I replaced that, I thought I'd solved the problem. Obviously not.

I had to power it off & it took me umpteen attempts all morning before I could get it to boot up satisfactorily. I persisted & now it's working OK but the first thing I did was a full system backup to my external hard drive which took about 6 hours.

So if I go off the air for a while, it's probably the computer's fault but right now I'm thinking of heading towards home because I can't go where I wanted to because everything is flooded.

The icing on the cake of my bad morning was that the Sunday newspaper didn't come to St George today because the road between here & Roma (the road I drove yesterday) is flooded & the truck couldn't get through. I like to get the Sunday Mail because it has a weekly TV guide so I hope I don't miss any good shows - there's not much on anyway so no big deal.

We had another very heavy shower this afternoon & Alexander is being impossible because he can't understand why he can't go for his walk - it's obviously time to relax & have a glass of wine.

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