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inside the Aviation Museum

we told the Spitfire to "smile" for the camera

a very old Tiger Moth

Ron in front of a "Dragonfly"

they've both got Rolls Royce engines


Saturday 17th Sept - at Temora Aviation Museum

After a 5deg night we woke to a fully clouded heavy sky. No rain during the night, but it felt like it might today. By the time 10:00 came there were patches of blue sky, a great omen for the Museum’s Showcase Day. Twice a month they showcase (fly) five of their aircraft. The day’s program starts at 10:30 and the two Rons were off for a day of watching “boy’s toys”. More and more blue appeared until we had almost unbroken blue sky with some very high non-threatening clouds. The aircraft we watched were the Tiger Moth, CT-4 (trainer), P40 (Kittyhawk), Havard, and Spitfire. All the aircraft they own (about a dozen) are airworthy and flown regularly, except when in the hangar for routine maintenance. For more info check out

We enjoyed our walk through the area honouring defence pilots of a bygone era, seeing through the display hangar, listening to an in-depth interview with one of their most supportive pilots and seeing through the engineering hangar. Doug Hamilton, the interviewed pilot, is one of only four pilots authorised to fly the 2 Spitfires in their collection, and those 2 aircraft represent the entire range of flying Spitfires in Australia - great feat for such the museum.

The museum, a non-profit organisation owns about a dozen aircraft, employs 14 people (5 are mechanics) and has an enormous support base of volunteers/supporters. They showcase 5 aircraft on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month and run /host a huge biennial airshow in Nov every second year. To the two Rons there appeared to be about 300-400 people there yesterday, but at the biennial show last year they had about 10,000 through the gate. Think we need to put that one in the diary.

We finished the day at about 4 with a de-brief for the girls over a cuppa.

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