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The church at Heaton Cemetery

We could find the general location of the grave we were looking...

We were looking for 2KL No.39

It's in this general area

When we went to Wigan we found a dummy wearing a Roosters...

We went shopping at the Wigan Warriors shop

I cooked dinner ... well, I took the lid off the containers

And although it didn't look like much (that's my photography really), it...

We had great intentions today of locating Rona and Dad's great great grandparents grave, but unfortunately it was to elude us ... for now!! We had checked out the internet last night and found out which cemetery and whereabouts in the cemetery it should be located, so this morning we picked up Rona and Mike and made our way to Heaton Cemetery.

After looking up and down a number of rows of graves (in the general area where we thought it might be) Mardi decided that maybe the map was the wrong way round so we headed to the section diagonally opposite where we had commenced looking. It was a good move as we found the general area where the grave should be ... and we found a heap of labelled graves with numbers around the one we wanted, but we just couldn't find ours!!! We were looking for 2KL-39. We could find 2KL-38, 25, 79, 52 ... any number of numbers in the vicinity but not the exact one. It was a little frustrating, to say the least.

We had been out and about for a couple of hours, wandering and checking out lots of different Lomax graves, so from there we went back to Braddyll Road for lunch. We were all a little despondent having found nothing of any note, but Mike had a great idea and he rang the Heaton Cemetery (which is Council run) and spoke with a lovely lady who said a man could meet us at the cemetery on Monday morning to show us where the grave actually is located. What a great idea!! So we were a little happier, and not at all worried that we spent the entire morning looking for a grave we couldn't find!! We will find it, if it's there, on Monday. Unfortunately there are a lot of broken headstones, and many simply missing a headstone at all. We just have to hope that ours has a headstone that we just couldn't see.

After lunch, Mardi and I took a drive to Wigan. We were looking for some English Rugby League training shorts for Luke, and an external hard drive for me (to store all the photos I've been taking!!). And we managed to locate both. What we also found though, was a "dummy" wearing a NRL Roosters outfit!! We'd found a shop that had every Australian rugby league outfit, known to mankind. We saw Storm speedos, Tigers shirts and Dragon socks ... and the dummy, in the Roosters outfit!!!

We took a look around the mall, then headed for the Mercure to clean up before heading back to Braddyll Road for dinner. I cooked ... well, I took the lids off the pasta dishes we were going to eat. And they were quite yummy too - fish pie, lasagne and broccoli penne.

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