North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Gooloogong "free" park - very wet

the log cabin community hall

country church framed with daisies

the quilted "curtain" in Grenfell

we've arrived - on very boggy ground

he arrived late too - but on bitumen

Friday 16th Sep - Gooloogong to Temora

Today we thought we had plenty of time as we only had a couple of hours driving to do. WRONG. We decided to have look at Gooloogong shopping centre - about 4 shops and a pub - before departure. Hazel wanted some wellies (lots of wet camping for this foursome). So into the Rural Sullies shop we went. No galoshes, but we each picked up a free CD off the counter of Christian music. Turns out the chap looking after the shop is a Mennonite out from the USA to start up a ministry here in Oz together we 2 or 3 other couples. A half hour later we left the shop. What an inspiration that 20 yr old is. Trust Hazel - 1st the Bruderhof community, and 2nd, this Mennonite lad from the US. Wonder what God is telling us!

Off towards Temora via Grenfell, and Young. Next stop Grenfell for morning tea at 11:45 then a walk around town where we came across not only a great cake shop, but also the info centre which doubles as an Art Gallery. Here we saw the most amazing “quilt curtain” - a community quilting project depicting the history of Grenfell and surrounding district. The finished work was hung as 5 separate panels (velcroed together) each 14 feet high and 5 feet wide - thus covering an entire wall in the gallery 15ft high and 25ft long. Very impressive. The delays are beginning to make us think that we won’t get to Temora until tomorrow (has a ring to it).

We passed through Young at about 1:45 and stopped for a quick lunch before heading on. The road to Temora was spectacular with the agricultural patchwork of dark greens, light greens, interspersed with the brilliant lime yellow of the canola fields. Many of the dark green fields were dotted with the stark clean white of freshly shorn sheep together with their spring lambs. Great memories. But when we talked to a farmer back in Gooloogong, she said they were well and truly over it - rain, that is. She said the lush growth and copious quantities brought huge problems that were worse that coping with the dry. The road between Young and Temora had several letterboxes which I will have to take another time - I couldn’t justify all the stops getting to our destination. We didn’t arrive until about 4:30.

We settled in with some difficulty as the ground is very soft and soggy, but still a nice place to camp, right beside the airfield. While we were setting up a Boomerang and a Spitfire utilised the late afternoon to try out their flight for tomorrow. How special was that.

PS - remember the TV that wouldn’t tune to stations? Well tonight we plugged it in and hey presto!

Who said God doesn’t answer prayer? We still have no idea what the problem was - but who cares?

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