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back in town to see the Opera House

the history of the Opera House

Nuts from Spain in outback NSW

lunch before departing

students rehearsing in the Opera House

the seats in the Opera House

Thursday 15th Sep - Gulgong to Gooloogong

You may have read the quote on the home page of this blog about the best laid plans going awry.

Todays plan was to pack up and head south for a ‘free-stay’ halfway to Temora. Well - - - we took our time in the morning waiting for the annex wall and RonP’s shade walls to dry. That took us up to morning tea time - better have cuppa before we leave. “We didn’t see the old Opera House building” said RonP, “I wouldn’t mind seeing that”. So - we said we could spend a half hour to see that. So we left at 11:10 with two vans and headed back into town, being very mindful not to accidentally drive up the main street (with vans). There is barely enough room for parked cars on either side creating just one lane, let alone adding a van to the equation. So we parked and walked. Sure enough, there it was, right across the road from the IGA, but alas CLOSED.

On the way back to the car, we saw a sign outside the Prince of Wales pub (next door to the Opera House). Lunch specials - $6. Well honestly you could see the eyes of these 4 pensioners doing backflips at the thought of such a bargain - but it is only 11:30 and lunch doesn’t start until 12:00.

Not to worry, we can spend a half hour in the museum/art gallery on the corner. So after purchasing a few articles from there, we needed a place that would sell us lunch for $6. That brought it’s own fun parts. The bar had a rotating nut dispenser in mini-cans. $2 per can. Made in and imported from Spain. Next to that was a breath-alyzer (sp) for the convenience of patrons, so RonG had to have a go. Surprise, surprise - he blew a 0.000 reading. Not bad for a life-time teetotaller. Then just as we were leaving the hotel RonP told us we could go and have a look inside the Opera House. The local school kids were practising for a concert coming up and the teachers told us to come on in and have a look. RonP says they still have an Arc projector for films.

At last we left Gulgong at 1:00pm and headed south towards Gooloogong. Unfortunately the sun has disappeared behind rain clouds and the sky has become very heavy. Along with that the temp has dropped to 12deg outside the car. It really was a great drive - wattle, canola, sheep, lambs, cattle, calves, green all the way, dams full, creeks running, and lots of granite rocks. It really is very hard to say in words how picturesque it is to travel through country that constantly looks like NZ or British green everywhere. After a quick cuppa while checking maps along the way we arrived at Gooloogong at 5:10pm just beating another 2 vans - only 8 sites in total, but it sure was muddy, and wet. And then rained right through the night. This is the GIBSONS we are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!

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