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I saw a guy across the street pushing a wheel chair with someone in it either wearing a poncho or just wrapped in plastic. I thought it looked like a little old lady and I thought about the Chevy Chase movie “Vacation.” I could just imagine someone on a cruise with their elderly grandmother who dies like Imogene Coca did in “National Lampoons, Vacation.” The grandson decides he is not about to let this ruin their cruise that the grandmother probably paid for. So, at every port he wraps her up and puts her in the wheel chair and pushes her around the town. I guess it could be “Vacation” or “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

We’ve had a few power outages while we’ve been here but today was the first one we’ve had while I was working. Everyone filed out of the store and I closed the doors and stood in front of them until the power came back on several minutes later. Then I opened the doors back up and it was business as usual. Later on Margie called me and said that the refrigerator was running on gas instead of electric. We have two GFCI plugins that control several others. One of them is on the opposite side of the motor home from the refrigerator but controls the plugin on the other side that is behind the frig. That’s another nice thing about the motor home setup. If the power goes out the refrigerator automatically switches to Propane gas. Margie had tried to reset the GFCI plug but it didn‘t help. So, she called me mostly to see if I wanted to stop at the hardware store to get a new plug in on the way home. Since it was Labor Day, I’m not sure it was open because I heard someone say that it wasn’t. However, that was also during the power outage. By the time I got off it definitely wasn’t open. Since the frig was running on gas I checked a couple of things but then decided to leave it until later.


After breakfast I was looking at Facebook and there were comments about the power outage yesterday and they mentioned a power surge also that had ruined surge protectors and tripped breakers. I had asked Margie yesterday if she knew of anything else that wasn’t working and neither of us noticed anything. So, I hadn’t checked the breakers yet, but I planned to. After the Facebook comments I decided to check and sure enough one was tripped and it was for that plug in. It was for other things also but none of them would have been in use at the time. Yea! Problem solved.

We have Fudge Bites candy in the store and they started out at $2.49. Then they went to $1.99, then two for $3. Now they are 99 cents. I had a young woman ask if they were really only 99 cents like that was just terrific. She was thrilled and I was thinking even 99 cents was too much for one piece of fudge.

What little bit of Spanish I know was tested today trying to make people understand how much they owed for their purchases. I thought I remembered 22 is beinte y dos. I just checked the internet and evidently it is veintidos. However, it is pronounced about the same.

We had two women spy our ink pens on the counter and asked about them. I said they could have one. Then they wanted another one. Then it was four of them and they asked if they were in Skagway. I think they were taking them for souvenirs for people back home. I’m not sure they were all there, so to speak. Two other older women were having a very good time and after their purchase asked if we had any freebies. My co-worker offered them something silly like a paper clip or something. They were fun so I told him to give them one of the DVDs we have that are free if you ask for them. It’s a DVD of the Inside Passage. Then she offered him her pen which he declined and she started to put it in her purse. I said whoa, wait a minute, I might want the pen and she took it back out and said it was a Celebrity Cruises pen and I said I’d take it. Especially, since my co-worker lost my pen. OK, I don’t really know who lost it but it came up missing a couple of days ago. Nothing left but the cap.


My co-worker had waited on a customer the other day that had a back pack made of leather that he thought was great and wanted one. The customer said he got it in Veracruz, Mexico. Today another fellow came in with a smaller leather pack thing and my co-worker was asking about it. It evidently came from Mexico, also. He also had a leather coin purse that my co-worker asked about and the customer took it out and started emptying it, I presumed to show it to him. However, once he had it empty he gave it to my co-worker, and refused to take anything for it. As they were leaving I heard one say to the other, “What goes around comes around.”

It’s been cloudy and rainy most days for a while and I haven’t ridden my bike for a while, but I remembered I had put just over 100 miles on it while we’ve been here.

I read an article this morning before going to work about the Smithsonian Institute. An English fellow by the name of Smithson left $500,000 to the United States when he died to be used to build a facility to house and research science and other things. He had never been to the United Sates and asked that the facility be called the Smithsonian Institute in his honor. Then today a fellow comes in the store wearing a sweatshirt that said Smithsonian Institute on it. He said he hadn’t been there but his wife got it for him. I told him what I had read just this morning.

Since a couple of fellows, including my co-worker, are leaving next week I decided it was time to try to get a guy’s night out planned. Margie or I have now managed to tell all the men working for this company that we will meet at a bar and grill in town this Friday evening. That is 11 guys. I’ll be surprised if 5 show up.


Well six of the guys showed up for the guy’s night out get together. The owner’s son met me there and then his dad showed up, followed by my co-worker and two others. We had some drinks there and I had some wings. Then we moved on to a pizza joint where we had some more drinks and the others had some eats. Then we went next door and played some pool. I think a pretty good time was had by all. I was back in the truck to go home at 10pm.


We did a little grocery shopping today and Margie washed the screens of the motor home. She started her day by cleaning out her garden. The same co-worker who gave me the caviar has been repairing the notice board that was outside the Masonic Lodge. He had told me about knocking it down but I never really understood how it happened. Today he needed me to help him put it back on the building. He showed me how he knocked it down. He has a trailer hitch that hangs pretty low and sticks out pretty far. As he was parallel parking the trailer hitch hit one of the wooden slats that make up the sidewalks. The slat pushed against the concrete slab in front of the building which jarred the building enough to knock the sign off of it. When the sign fell off of the building it struck his taillight and broke it also. It was a definite comedy of errors that would have been good to have a video of. He has already ordered, received, and replaced his taillight. When we told Margie we were going she said it would be nice for us to bring back a couple of Fry Breads from the Klondike Doughboy. The last time we got them at work I gave my co-worker my buy six get one free card but he forgot to have it stamped. So, he asked them to do it this time and they did. Since it was Saturday it is double stamp day. I had a little trouble getting the girl to understand that I should have four stamps since I bought two. She kept saying that she stamped it twice and I kept saying yes but I should get two for each Fry Bread. She finally understood and stamped it two more times, which filled one of the cards. The other card now was one stamp away from a free one and I forgot that it being double stamp day and he was buying one also that filled that one plus one more. So, we got another card and will use the free ones later. Margie said she has one also that also has a stamp or two on it. So, if we combine the two partially filled cards and get another two doughboys within the next two weekends or get some during the week we’ll have three free ones coming before we leave. Free is good.


My co-worker gave me some salmon caviar (fish eggs) a while back and told me how to fix them. So, today I decide to have them. Margie had boiled some eggs when they fell out of the truck when she brought them home. I chopped one of them up. I chopped up the white and yolk separately and some green onions. The co-worker who gave me the caviar showed up while I was fixing it so I shared it with him. It only made about five servings on crackers and it wasn’t too bad. Fishy and pretty salty the fish egg popping and squirting in your mouth feels kind of weird. I think it was one of those things I had to try but now I won’t need to eat it again. I can remember dad catching fish and once in a while there would be eggs in them when he cleaned them. I think he fried the eggs but I’m not sure. I know he liked it when he got fish eggs.

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