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9th hole and "green" Three Springs, WA






Roadsde in a village

Wheat and canola

Anne and a pinnacle

The Pinnacles

3 pinnacles

Please note the size

Wreath flowers on roadside

Wreath flower

Climbing Fringe Lily


Donkey orchid

Donkey orchid

Cowslip ochid

Common cats paw

Everlasting daisy

Acorn banksia

New Norcia, Benedictine Monastry

Hi All,

Well for the past week or so we have been chasing wildflowers crisscrossing an area north of Perth which was another of the many reasons for doing the trip at this time of year and we were not disappointed. We stayed at 3 very small towns with very small caravan parks as free camping is currently not an option. The weather has gone cold, nights are around the 6 -9 and days around the 12 -18 so the electric blankets, heaters and air con are all hard at work.

The flowers are incredible, from large areas in bloom to tiny orchids the size of your little finger nail tucked away under bushes, from huge acres of canola to huge acres of purple flowers, then throw in the wheat, barley, oats, lupin and the sights just continue to amaze, bright yellow daisies on golf courses it’s just never ending. Photos, oh dear we have taken heaps but rest assured we will never bother you with them all, heck there’s too many even for us. Let’s just say we have attached a few for your appreciation.

We also stopped in a town called Cervantes proud neighbor of an area called The Pinnacles, limestone rocks rising out of very hard sand through which you can walk or drive, given the temperature walking was not an option but the drive was, its features in the photos, let’s just say it was a little eerie to be at but an amazing sight (oh how often have we used the word amazing this trip)

And now in Fremantle south of Perth for a few days and then back into the journey further south, then east heading back towards home and we guess some more flowers and sights along the way.

Love and best wishes

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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