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Rain Clouds

More Rain Clouds

My drive to New Hampshire, rain, rain, rain.

Eating at half of our restaurant.

Well as you can see by the pictures, the drive to Kenny's was horrible. Had to stop not only for gas but because of the torrid rain. It was coming down in sheets, vision was terrible. The drive instead of taking about five hours, it took I left Nancy's and George's around 11:00 am and got to Kenny's about 7:00/7:30 p.m. My body certainly felt the stiffness of driving in the torturous rain all day. It didn't start out that way, in fact it was sunny with a few clouds in the sky at Rochester, but closer I got to Kenny's the worse it got. Nothing I was prepared for to say the least.

Normally it was only supposed to take me about five hours or so to drive from Rochester, New York to Manchester, New Hampshire. But that wasn't the case here. I was so happy to see Kenny and arrive safely. I could relax now and just enjoy time with my son.

Saturday, since I was still tired from my drive the day before, Kenny and I just hung around Manchester. Kenny took me on a tour around the area. Manchester, of course, Derry, Salem (New Hampshire). Loved the houses, traffic was not bad, not like the bay area of course. Didn't miss that at all. Manchester had an arena where Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, and Cirque de Soleil are some of the shows at the Verizon Arena you could get tickets for. Their shows are just around the corner and was a bit disappointed that I would be gone when they came to town. The nice thing where Kenny lived, he could even walk to the arena. Too bad I didn't live there, I would sure to be broke just going to the shows.

So Saturday, Kenny and I decided to go to dinner while we were out and ended up passing this one restaurant in Derry that looked good. Well the name was Derry Restaurant and we just had to eat there. We joked that we were eating in the half of our restaurant in half our town. I just had to say that. LOL

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