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Headed down Big Thompson Canyon

Our favorite store

What a cute creature!

Is he smiling at us?

Wonderful critters


Great fisherman

Jet-propelled turtle

Love it!

So cute!


Not enough bug repellant in the world for this one!

This one looks friendly

Two heads!

Good use of hub caps

The ideal pet

Scary scorpion

Quite a picnic spot

Scottsbluff, NE Today was a travel day. We wound our way down Big Thompson Canyon, making sure to stop at our favorite store to buy some jams and cherry pie. Our biggie for the day was a visit to Swetsville Zoo. The animals in the "Swetsville Zoo" were all built by Bill Swets -- from car parts, farm machinery, and scrap metal. The dinosaur heads are crankcase pans, and the spinal cords on many of the creatures came from corn pickers. It was fun to try to identify origins of the sculpture parts. There are massive metal spiders built from Buicks towering high in the air, castles built from concrete, classic dragons, choo-choos, aliens and many other unidentifiable characters. What started in 1985 as something to keep Bill busy during the throes of insomnia quickly developed into a calling. Part junkyard and part sculpture garden, it's a strange and wonderful place.

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