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Club Towing aircraft

Heading to the air

Glider coming into land

Saturday 10th Still at Lake Keepit

Another Quiet day , don't know if I can handled life after Lake Keepit !!!! Today there are many gliders up flying around every where, at times as many as five gliders at a time , Ron G and I thought about having a flight but at $200 for thirty minutes we are not sure.

Mid afternoon Ron and I decided to take a trip around to the other side of the lake and explore the glider club , what a surprise we got , the club was huge comprising of club house , many cottages which we think are for members to stay at, buildings housing club equipment such as tractors with grass cutting facilities attached ,small motorcycles for towing gliders and many other machinery. There was at least sixteen large hangers for gliders and parked nearby about thirty glider trailers.

We drove to the southern end of the airfield where four gliders were lined up on the narrow runway to be launched into the air by one of the two single engine aircraft that the club own.

We were very lucky to start talking to one of the club members and she invited us to go with her out to the middle of the field but she reminded us that aircraft were coming in and out and before we moved anywhere to look into the air as if we got hit by a plane it might 'hurt' a little!

She explained the workings of the gliders to us and how an electronic device tells the pilot where other aircraft are in relation to his position in the sky , each glider has one small wheel and a skid at the rear and carries one pilot except for a trainer craft which has room for an instructor as well. This type of glider has two wheels and a rear skid . The airport has two grass runways the main one running east-west the other north-south. Like all sports gliding comes at a cost with a good glider costing as much as $40,000. dollars plus running costs..

At midday we received news that Charlotte, our 12 year granddaughter who plays soccer for the under 13's Mitchelton Soccer Club had won their grand final against Park Ridge one goal to nil and Charlotte scored the goal as she also did in the semi-final and she has scored 24 goals this season. Congratulations Charlotte and the team! I guess l have to finish this stressful day by watching the Manchester derby on SBS tonight.

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