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Jade City Sign

Jade City the reality show location

Watch out for bisson

And caribou

our best RV park yet

a Pair of baby bears by the road

The Alaska Mountain range

Entering Hyder

Thousands of salmon in the river

On their way to dieing

Bear with fish in mouth

Bear picture #2

Bear picture #3

Bear picture #4

Bear picture #5

Bear picture #6

Bald Eagle

The "Bus"

Us at the Glacier

Not only look for animals but also blasting?

Glacier flow picture #1

Glacier flow picture #2

The ice was aqua blue

Ice burgs that never melt

On our way to Hyder we stopped at Jade City. They are doing a reality show here and you had to sign off that it was OK that they took your picture. We were thinking what in the world would they make a reality show of. This place has nothing else around it and it’s off a dusty road.

You had to be very careful driving on the road and watch for all kinds of animals.

We stayed one night at a very small RV camp that overlooked the fall mountains and had a nice fishing lake.

We stopped on the road and turned off the RV to watch a mother bear and her two cubs. They were right outside the RV door just eating grass and paying no attention to us.

The Alaska Mountain range was all around us.

We got to Hyder just as the sun was going down

Camp Run-A-Muk where we were supposed to camp was exactly as the name says. What a messy campground, right on the road in Hyder. We decided to drive back to Stewart and stay at the Bear River RV Park for 3 days. We would have to go through the Canadian border check point each time we came back from Hyder but it wasn’t a big deal.

We came to Hyder to see the bears. This town is famous for them. When the salmon come up the river to spawn and die, the bears are right there to fill their tummies. There were thousands of red and pink salmon in different stages of decomposition.

We have lots of pictures of bears and again I’m trying to pick out only a few. We saw bears for 3 days straight, most of the time in the evening. I even have a video but I don’t think it will show on this web site.

Of course where there are fish there is going to be bald eagles.

The best place to eat was at the “Bus” Famous for 18 years so we tried it. Good!

We were supposed to be able to walk up to Salmon Glacier. We saw the Glacier but there was no way to get to it.

It was quit impressive, very dark aqua color.

The way it flowed down the hill, you could just see the power it had and at the bottom was a lake that had large ice burgs floating in it.

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