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town of Dyea

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lakes top of white pass

white pass from train

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Lynn Canal to Juneau


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port of Haines

port of Skagway

Aug 27-30 Skagway, AK

Skagway,AK is one of the most interesting towns of our trip. This day we travel 272 miles for another 8 hour day. Many of us have seen Skagway but only the first 4 blocks of the town when we were on a cruise ship. This trip we got to see the rest of it and much more history. Skagway is where most of the Yukon Gold Rushers climbed the two passes to get to Dawson City. The town of Dyea is at the foot of the Chilkoot Trail and the Tlingit Natives used the trail to trade with other inland tribes for several centuries before the gold rush in 1897. The famous picture of the miners climbing the golden stairway in the snow is in Dyea. The town came to an end in when an avalanche killed 60 stampeders in 1898 and the White Pass &Yukon Railway was built in Skagway. The second passage to the Yukon was White Pass before and after the railway was built.

The National Park Service has many lectures and tours about the development of the town, townspeople , like Soapy Smith, and the Chilkoot Trail. Great Place to check out when you are visiting. As usual, Mel and I took advantage of the all the free tours and movies provided.

We took a boat to Juneau for the day. It was a beautiful ride through the fjords for 3 hours each way. For once we had a sunny day. Many glaciers, whales, dolphins and eagles along the way. Juneau is the capital of Alaska, as all of you know. We went to the Mendenhall Glacier, which was nice. Still no bears. We could have used more time to explore at the glacier.

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