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the view from Tamworth's lookout

the grevilleas at the lookout

the gum about to break into flower

the 2 Rons and the golden guitar

Sunday 11th Sept - at Lake Keepit - church in Tamworth

Today we decided to head back into Tamworth to attend 10:00am church service at Tamworth Bible Baptist. It was a pleasant drive in. Everything is so green, it’s hard not to be impressed with the countryside. We were a tad surprised on arrival at the church this morning. Most of the men were in suits and ties. The ladies and all girls were in dresses, some even wearing hats. The pastor is a young man who took over the role after his dad (previous pastor) passed away. They were all very welcoming and we enjoyed a cuppa afterward.

We picked up a few groceries and some lunch in town before heading up to the lookout looking over the town with spectacular views out to the south-west. We then visited the info centre and the boys had their pic taken with the golden guitar before heading back to the van late in the afternoon. Tonight will be cold - probably about 6deg so we’ve showered early and watched a DVD during the evening. There was a slight diversion for RonG as he heard a helicopter low overhead which he went out to watch. The chopper was doing circuits around the glider airfield. Weird!! I can only assume it was using the airfield as a training exercise for landing at no-lights airfields. After checking the app “FlightRadar24”, it seemed to confirm it - after 15mins in the Keepit airport it flew back to a hover position near the Tamworth airport, and then headed back to the Tamworth airport. Bit of excitement for the night.

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