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See ... I told you Mardi loves porridge


The baker shop with yummy pies

What a great name for a shop!

A monument located in the middle of the street

Luke's BBQ Burger

Mardi's fish and chips (and peas!!!)

My chicken burger

The bath!!

The beds!!

We have arrived at our next destination, and very interesting accommodation it is, to say the least. But let me get to that a little later, for now I will start at the beginning.

It certainly wasn’t the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had. I think mum and I were wide awake, talking and walking around from about 3am. So that makes for an extremely looooooooooooooooong day. Now add that to a 2½ hour drive and you’ve got a weary weary car load. And to top it all off Janine is really really sick … sore throat, achy bones and the sneezes.

As sick as Janine is, she headed out for a 7km jog this morning and took some really lovely photos. I’ve decided to do a collage of all her jogging photos and upload them every day, so if you want to see where she ventured over the past couple of days you are most welcome to go back into the journal and have a look when I manage to upload them some time over the next couple of days).

Mardi and I took our suitcases to the car as we headed out to breakfast. We ate at McDonalds – mum loves the porridge there so that was the best option for this morning’s food intake. After eating we headed back to the motel room and packed up the rest of our gear. We were all ready to leave earlier than our predetermined time of 9.30am, so the car was packed and we were heading off to find the house where one of our friend’s used to live in his younger years by 9.10am. We photographed the house and checked out the neighbourhood so we can share it with him upon our return.

Then it was off to Workington … well Seaton, actually. The road was quite good, and the navigator was excellent. We did not take one shortcut (code for get lost) all trip. The weather, however, was quite ordinary. It rained and sleeted and poured and sprinkled and rained most of the way here.

We made a pit stop at Moffat (where we will be staying for a night on our way back up to Edinburgh, after Bolton). It is an exceptionally quaint little town with numerous old buildings and lots of touristy shops. Mum had a scotch pie and I had a bridie (the Scottish version of a pastie made with flaky pastry) from the local bakery shop for lunch. They were both delicious. And we managed to fit in a spot of shopping – just a couple of Scottish odds and ends – which can be posted home whilst in Bolton (as we know where the Post Office is located there!!).

So, we arrived at our destination about 1.30pm, only to find out we weren’t supposed to book in until 4pm. But with no public toilets in the township, we persuaded Sue, the B&B owner, to let us in a little earlier than she had expected. She was extremely lovely about it too. Janine and Luke then had a little rest and Mardi and I spent the afternoon in the living room; reading, snoozing, typing up the Travel Journal and chatting with Sue (and she quite likes a chat).

So just what is the interesting part of our accommodation … we booked twin rooms, and currently have single bed mattresses (and bedding) but they are really close together in one queen size frame. So it looks like one big bed. We’ll see how it sleeps tonight, but I think it’s lucky I really love my mother and probably better still, she loves me. Mardi and I are located upstairs, Janine and Luke are down, but both rooms have the same configuration.

Now, if I said the sleeping arrangements were interesting, then the bathing arrangements were even more interesting. One big bath with a shower head on the side. You'll actually have to see the photo to understand. I just want to remind you that Mardi and I are not as young or agile as we used to be, and we'll leave it at that!!!

Fred, the husband of Sue, is working on some window renovations so he was busy doing handy man work all afternoon. So we were ready to see whatever else this quaint little cottage could throw at us.

Sue gave Luke, Mardi and I instructions to Cockermouth, a little village up the road some 20 miles. It was to have a myriad of eating places to choose from for dinner, but the weather (horrendous) and the parking (more horrendous) and the narrow little streets (the most horrendous of all) made us change our minds and head to Workington to eat. Still horrendous weather, more horrendous parking and the most horrendous narrow streets, but we fluked a park near a very busy, popular pub and headed in. It was Fish Friday so there were hundreds of people, but we ordered and were served extremely quickly. Mardi had fish and chips, Luke had a doubled up BBQ Beef Burger and I had a really delicious grilled chicken burger. It was all really yummy. We met some of the locals whilst we were there ... a couple of lovely old ladies who helped us out by telling us how to order and having a chat about football and their visit to Australia.

We bought some takeaway Chinese home for Janine and then headed to bed at 8.30pm. And by that time ... we'd had it!!!!

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