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View of ocean from our site

View of ocean 2

Sunset over the ocean

Stupid Gary Photo we have no idea what it is

Giant Redwoods1

Anti-bear storagefor food at campsite

Redwood Forest 2

Redwood Forest 3 - OMG Where's the car?

Redwood Forest 4 OMG there's the showerhouse but no car!

Redwood Forest 5 - OMG we lost the car!

While still in Portland, Oregon we went to visit one of Gary's current cedar suppliers. It was a pretty traditional lumber yard but they had tons and tons of cedar everything. This is the place we get most of our cedar wood from. As we got the grand tour though I could see Gary's eyes getting bigger and bigger, thinking oh what we could do with this and this and this! One of the interesting things they had (for me) that we've never done before was they had 14" glued together boards, that we could make much larger signs with, and since they were duds from another job, they were very reasonably priced. We'll probably order at least one to try it out for a while and see if we can sell some, or if they are too much of a pain in the butt to ship.

The next day we also went to a contact's house that we found on Craig's List. This was in Salem Oregon, and the guy was really nice and informative but he mostly had redwood slabs 3" thick for countertops and tables and such. But he did say he was going to a guy's place later that had actual redwood logs that could be cut up into the board sizes we want, so we got the address and went over and talked to the log cutter Darryl. It was what we wanted but he has such trouble getting redwood that he pretty much only deals with cedar, and not necessarily western red cedar which is now being bought up by the big lumber companies and is being shipped to China, and no longer as available as it has been in the past. OMG don't get Gary started on that one. But we took home a sample piece from a slab that Gary will try out on our machine and we'll see if we can do business with them. The price was extremely reasonable, compared to what we've been paying now.

We stayed in Salem at an old KOA, and this was the worst campsite we've stayed at yet. We did get a tent site with electricity but we had to plug into a building that was across the drive from us, and immediately when we were setting up, the security guy (oMG they need security!?!) ran over our cord. So Gary put a cone out that was close to the building which wasn't a very pretty view either, on top of our cord. Right across from us was the old picnic table graveyard, where they threw all the rotting and warped picnic tables. 5 minutes later the guy comes back through and moved the cone and yells at us saying that's his path for the night and he's not changing it. We took a walk around the sites and there are tent people and then there are TENT people and this place had all the tent people who couldn't afford to live in an apartment somewhere. When we left to get something to eat, we cleaned out all the valuables in our bags and took them with us! Next morning I was up and breaking up camp before Gary even had one eye open. He suggested that maybe I was in a rush to get the move on? And I'll say I was!

After driving from the wood places it was a lot of driving through the rest of Oregon. Seemed like forever. But it was worth it. We found the best or 2nd best campsite of the trip.

We were across the highway from the ocean and it was getting to be sunset and everything was just lovely. We had a path down to the beach, and we sat and talked with our neighbors the next site over who happened to walk down at the same time.

There's at least one or 10 photos that someone took that we just don't quite remember why or what it is. So I'm posting this to show that we too take dud photos from time to time. Or rather one of us does.

After the ocean campsite we kept traveling Oregon until about 3:30pm the next day when we entered into California. We happened to stop by a state park, and decided just to go in to see what it was like. So we parked in front of a showerhouse, and started around the loop.

It was a nice park with lots of big tree stumps but looked like it had been cleared of redwoods in the past and only the new growth was still there.

We saw all the storage containers for keeping the bears out of your food supply, at every single campsite.

And we continued around the loop thinking we should be getting to our car soon.

But no car appeared. So we kept walking and walking and found a showerhouse, - but of course no car!

So we kept walking around the loop and finally Gary admitted he had no idea where we were, or where the car was. So we just kept walking.

Finally Joyce to the rescue. I saw some people out and we asked them for their map that was handed out at the entrance, and we were on the right track, just that there were 3 showerhouses in the loop and we had seen all 3 of them but hadn't continued far enough to get back to the original one. It was truly a joy to return to the right showerhouse and see the car sitting right where it was supposed to be! Oh the joys of being in a redwood forest!

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