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Myall Ck - the site of an awful tragedy

the memorial at the site of the massacre

we remember

late afternoon at Lake Keepit - beautiful view from our vans

Tuesday 6th September - Delungra to Lake Keepit

We had one of our earliest departures today, having remained hitched up overnight……i.e. we left at 9.40am.. Another coldish night but a sunny day dawned. Heading off with our little wagons, we stopped at Myall Creek Massacre Memorial. It was sobering to be reminded of this terrible occurrence in which 28 indigenous people were murdered in an unprovoked attack by local stockmen but also to learn that for the first time “whites” were held accountable for what they had done and as a result seven men were hung.

By the time we’d done the memorial walk we were ready for lunch, so just down the road a bit we stopped for lunch. The Two Ronnies felt cheated because they’d missed morning tea. Having refuelled our bodies, we were on the road again, stopping at a little town called Barraba……wow was it quiet. We only saw a couple of folk as we strolled down the main street. Our fascination was stirred as we stood looking in one shop window where they were selling “HUGE” cooking pots of every shape and size!!!! A distributor of catering and restaurant supplies. Perhaps they also cater for the folk on properties.

We arrived at Lake Keepit (about 45km W of Tamworth) at the civilised time of 3.00 pm. It is now 56% full and looking spectacular. Because of all thewWinter rain everything is beautifully green and has been the whole way since we left home. Wattle flowers have graced our drive and now golden fields of canola are beginning to stretch out before us. Spring is also evident as we’ve seen calves and lambs a plenty as we’ve travelled.

Lake Keepit is beautiful. We stayed here once before on our way to WA but that was only overnight, so we are now enjoying the luxury and beauty of this place so much that we are going to be staying for a week. This is giving us time to catch up with mail, washing, reading and relaxing. The days have been beautiful, nights still cold and they say rain is coming later in the week.

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