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Luke's new footy boots

The Nappy Pin at the site of the Rottenrow Maternity Hospital

The plaque commemorating the site

Lunch at the Yacht Club

Loch Lomond

The Maid of the Loch

The one in RED is Mardi's new friend ... couldn't stop talking...

Flowers are everywhere in the shopping centre just around the corner

Mardi's Irish Coffee

Our 89 pence yoghurt eaten in style

Wow! What a great day. We started late (after a really good, much needed sleep) - at 8am. Janine and Luke started about three hours earlier with a 6km jog around the Glasgow streets.

Breakfast ... was at McDonalds (located right next door). Then we split up so Janine and Luke could go and buy some new footy boots (which they did ... check them out in the photo). Mum and I found my lost phone (in the car, thank goodness) and spent some time around the motel.

Once we all met up again we took a drive to the site of the Rottenrow Maternity Hospital where Dad was born. It is now a park. The main attraction within the park is a seven metre tall giant nappy pin sculpture known as the “Monument to Maternity,” although its official title is “Mhtothta,” the Greek word for maternity.

Then we headed off to Rhu - a historic village on the east shore of the Gare Loch - where Dad lived when he was very, very young. Grandad was in the Airforce during the war and was based in Rhu so we went to check out the quaint little village.

After a lovely lunch of fish and chips by the Loch we headed off to Loch Lomond - a freshwater loch which is the largest inland stretch of water in Great Britain by surface area. We visited the Maid of the Loch Paddle Steamer - the last of a long line of steamers that began about 1816 on the River Clyde.

When we got back into the city centre we split up again and Mum and I headed off to post some postcards, did a spot of shopping and organised to get some data on my phone. We headed to the Jury's Inn bar for an Irish Coffee (mum's of course). Dinner was an 89 pence yoghurt and a cup of tea.

It really was an enjoyable day and I'm pleased we spent some time checking out where Dad was born and lived.

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