Frank and Laurie's Excellent Adventure 2016 travel blog

We didn't see any moose

Frank and I did this hike to do the boat tour.

Amazing rock formation carved from the glacé ties millions of yrs ago


More rock formation

A romantic voyage!

The Bog, very marshy,interesting to walk along

Today we set off to see Gros Morne National Park. As we traveled through the park the windy roads and water along side were so beautiful. Lots of drop offs that were cliffs caused by the St Lawerance erosion. Truly amazing.

We reserved a spot to go on a boat tour into Western Brook Pond. Frank and I had to walk 3 k in , taking in the natural habitats of the land, from the marshland , to birds, trees, grassy land., we then hopped on a tour boat for 2 hrs . To see all the rock formations, several waterfalls, the pond use to be part of the seaway, but is now fresh water, because it was closed off by the glaciers many yrs ago.

We enjoyed meeting a few people , from Calgary, and BC. Shared some stories and experiences too.

When the tour was done, we then hiked it back to our truck, 3 k again, Frank did awesome , so happy he was able to do the trek to see such beauty.

We drove up a few miles more, then turned around and headed back to our campsite.

Being in all that fresh air, has done us in. Going to bed early!

Our weather was windy, but temperatures of 23 today, with periods of sun and cloud. We are feeling very fortunate for great weather so far.

Another day. In the Park tomorrow.

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