North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Uh Oh !!!!!!!!

Look what I found back down the road

Don't think I'll rotate this one again

Wattle lines our road - beautiful splash of colour

Friday 2nd September - Tenterfield to ?? oh ok, Texas will do

It is overcast and icy in Tenterfield as we put away, close up, tie down, pull down, empty out, throw out, clean up, and hitch up. We are heading N to pick up the Bruxner Hway heading west towards Bonshaw where we expected to turn south towards Inverell. The countryside is magnificent covered with so much wattle. After we climb over a couple of mountain ridges we descended into a lush green valley following a river’s path.

Some days just don’t go quite how you want them to. About 300m before the turnoff near Bonshaw we heard a “bang” and in the next couple of seconds RonG had checked his side mirrors to see bits bouncing on the road. “Wonder what we hit - I don’t see anything on the road”. Then he checked his centre rear-view mirror and said “Uh, oh - we’ve had a blowout on the caravan driver’s side wheel”. Fortunately we had a reasonable shoulder where he could get off the bitumen with a metre to spare. RonP behind pulled off too and the damage was surveyed.

“Coffee time” said Ron (doesn’t matter which Ron - they both think the same), “Coffee fixes everything”. An hour and a qtr later the tyre was changed, tools away, and coffee and biscuits consumed. Having found that there is next-to-nothing in Bonshaw, it seemed prudent to ignore the intention to turn south and head NW on to Texas instead. 28km up the road, and drove into the town which has not much more than 1 street of businesses and there was a mechanics workshop with an RACQ truck outside (“he should be ok”). Sure enough, just one tyre the right size, and he can do it in the next hour and half, so off we went to find a park for lunch and wait.

Only 1km out of town is a free camp on the Dumaresq River (border with NSW). No toilets, water or power. We decided to stay here the night rather than push on. The Texas folk are very hospitable and the central toilet block in town boasts not only clean toilets, but also a hot shower for the travelling public. Fantastic. Very high winds during the night with short heavy rain, but we were snug and cosy and safe in our van.

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