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Robin's Restaurant

young elephant seals on the beach

Stuart's Healey on Highway One

It was cool when we woke up and wearing a jumper in the morning is now the order of the day. A big change from Nevada. From our overnight stop at Fish Pond near Yosemite, we drove a few miles down the road for breakfast of fresh-baked a croissant and cappuccino at the local doughnut house and then to refuel. $50 buys us 16 gallons of top grade petrol. An improvement over the UK.

Our route took us south again then southwest through the agricultural area of California past rows and rows of almond trees. We hit the ocean coast at Paso Robles and we're really not very far from our starting point in Los Angeles almost a week earlier. Our detour back south was of course in order to drive Highway One north to Monterey. Highway One, clinging to the hillside next to the ocean is a fantastic drive - perfect for the Aston and the weather was sunny and cool with mist from the ocean. It has been incredibly dry this year and we saw the smoke from bushfires and the helicopters loading up with water from large drums.

We travelled much of the day with Stuart Woodhead and his son Patrick in their Austin Healey. The red car with a white stripe is very picturesque and easy to spot. After a short stop at a Franciscan mission we were ready for lunch as soon as we hit the coast and came upon an excellent restaurant called Robin's in Cambria. We ate the house speciality of salmon bisque. After lunch we swapped messages: Charlotte went in the Healey and Patrick joined me in the Aston for the drive up the sweeping curves of Highway one. We were lucky for most of the time we were able to have an empty road ahead.

The hotel in Monterey was right on the ocean front although counterintuitively facing north east! We had a short wonder outside and we were joined by David and Debbie for dinner at the Sardine Factory.

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